Everyone Wishes

“Everyone wants the stars. Everyone wishes to grasp that which exists out of reach. To hold the extraordinary in their hands and keep the remarkable in their pockets.”

Photographers: Richard Avedon (top) Noe Miottilia Szabo (bottom)

Zdzislaw Beksinski & Nightmares

“Nightmare number 83: I am walking in a dark dark place and something big and slithery is slithering in the dark so close I could reach and touch it but if I touch the slithery thing it will know I am here and it will eat me very slowly.”

Fundamentals Of Storytelling

“What makes a story compelling? Any story. In basic terms.
High stakes.
Character growth.
Obstacles to overcome.

But who decides what the meaning is?

The reader. The player. The audience. That’s what you bring to it, even if you don’t make the choices along the way, you decide what it means to you.” Photo: Kamilla Collages

Seeing Through Time

And so Time goes on as it should and events that were once fated to happen are left instead to chance, and Chance never falls in love with anything for long.

Artist: Titus Kaphar

Do You Believe In Magic?

Do you believe in the mystical, the fantastical, the improbable, or the impossible? Do you believe that things others dismiss as dreams and imagination actually exist? Do you believe in fairy tales? “

Photos: Justin Polkey