Please Behave Like Animals

The Earth resets through nature, when civilization gets disrespectful and evil overrides good. That’s the point of Noah’s Ark, lost cities like Atlantis. It’s happened plenty before, you’re watching it happen now. That’s why I incarnated. If the war is between mankind and Gaia, the latter always wins. Humans are products of the environment, something they’ve seem to have forgotten. Planet Earth doesn’t need us, we need it. I’m being repetitive. Clean your sh*t up, it’s not cute. You think the universe would let you destroy another planet? Then you’re not thinking. You’re welcome for my presence. Animals have better manners. Via: S0ulActivation

To Those Deserving

Just taking a moment to spread positivity to those deserving of it. I hope you’re doing beyond well, I hope you’re amazing. It’s a needed break, but back to entertaining. You guys are lucky I’m here. You won’t miss that fake family, I don’t need to make stuff up, I’m too major. CC: Julia Fox (you helped me get the proof I needed). Welcome to the age of Athena, Marsha, Marsha, Marsha bitch. Via: Hannah Collective

Roe Vs. Wade Aftermath

The fact that you imbeciles really think you’re doing God’s work makes my blood boil. A ten year old girl was raped, a child who now has a lifetime of trauma to work through. The idiotic, weak bitches who truly helped take away our rights, the rights of a goddess, will pay. You are doing the devil’s work, women don’t even have equal pay you spineless trash. Five years from now your bum bitch party won’t even exist, the divide is already occurring, one side takes over the other.
Sending you to hell is pure joy for me.

Trump helped (you tapped my phone for that family on top of everything else, when your pedophile settlements came out, only to find it was coming from their debt to Satan; that’s why being fake Lisa Rinna isn’t cute, because you trust liars and end up in bad positions), he has all these plans like he’s not in the devil’s collection, like he didn’t take all aligned with him, like he didn’t pick the justices who did this. You disrespected me Donald, I don’t take kindly to that. For talentless liars, who built a false empire on a sex tape, lies, racism, black magic and stealing from Ray J’s mom (as well as other gutter bitch behavior). I’m a Goddess, a guardian, you are not. The world ending doesn’t depend on you and your children, it depends on mine.
Then there’s that stupid woman in Colorado running for a position in the government, talking about our founding father’s didn’t want separation between church and state. Bitch they also didn’t want you anywhere but the kitchen, doofy ass. You Republicans pick and choose based on what benefits you. Hypocrites. What the universe has planned for you, you deserve. Ask Tomi Lahren if I’ve been wrong yet. If you don’t agree with abortion don’t have one, how dare you decide for someone else.

SOOOOO Godly, yet you possess no divinity, got looped in with a satanic family (Kekel Kardashian), can’t do a fraction of what I can do and didn’t see a divine in front of your eyes, because you aren’t aligned with God. You’re aligned with oppression, hate, rape, trauma, hubris, incest, evil. Enjoy your time, when you see the demons in your final hours you’ll beg for my protection, I will offer you none. Prayer won’t help you. Thanks for serving your purpose. XOXO the only divine, Queen witch, same initials as Jesus Christ. Via: Def Noodles & Ohio Capital Journal

Your Terrible Karma Is In The Cards

Everyone who aligned against, disrespected, bullied me,
committed hubris, abused a Goddess, will pay.
Enjoy your time.

Thank your devil debtors, which satanic groups lead the way to your downfall?
PS: Oh I almost forgot, if you want a sneak preview of evidence a Gossip Girl boy has it, the one connected to all the East Side Middle School girls. I think what I sent him might make me and Julia Fox even. Via: Red Fairy Tarot

The Feminism Of Griselda Blanco

At one point growing up I became obsessed with Griselda Blanco. In general I’m fascinated with drug lords and gangsters, possessing an extensive knowledge. Aren’t we all? It’s intriguing to see different lifestyles, colorful characters. I don’t support evil, but Griselda is one of my feminist icons. Why? She rose in a violent male dominated industry to be the sole female drug lord to ever exist. That’s a boss bitch. In a world shaped to and for the patriarchy, fueled by misogyny, Griselda Blanco shattered stereotypes. She played like the boys, fucked like the boys, killed like the boys, outsmarted the boys. It’s the same reason I love the author Gillian Flynn, who showcases the full spectrum of women in her characters. Not this subservient mold we’re punished for breaking. Women can be ruthless, bloodthirsty, not fair airheads with no ambition. We can be anything, because we’re human. Human, not objects. Human, not a political playground.

My mom told me to get a gun when I dabbled in real estate, I told her she was overreacting. This is a woman who thinks the world is in constant apocalypse. However I agreed, after she shared stories of women being raped, or robbed during showings. It is just you and the client walking through the space.
The call ended upon my saying I’d get a license to carry arms. Five minutes later she called me back, asking if I’d actually shoot someone. I responded yes, if it’s me or them. This not Sesame Street, if it’s a life or death situation it ain’t gonna be me ma, the f*ck she talking about.
Changing her mind, she insisted I remain unarmed.
Then there was my co-worker Lorelei who chose me as her partner if we were in The Walking Dead’s zombie apocalypse. The question amongst us being which colleague would you pick if such were the case. I was honored, not only because she’s a tough Jersey bitch, but trusted me for survival. An essence I got from Griselda. That when and if necessary be a stony bitch, or they (especially men who find us emotional wrecks so we can’t be president) won’t respect you. Which has been proven time after time.

I can assure you, I may look doe eyed like Bambi, but once you get me to a point I’m vicious. Now you’re going to see. I don’t give a fuck, don’t fucking fuck with me. I’m a compassionate person, until I’m not. I am not your mammy, I’m your blessing or your curse. Love always Athena, Queen of witches. Don’t let stories written by men deter you from being a boss bitch, trying to force you to be Eve by demonizing Lilith. Those stories are guides not to be literal, but contextual. Who do you need to put in their place? Via: PureBlanco_ Brand

A Gangster And A Goddess

I use to hang with bloods in ninth grade and ABI, the Albanian gang, cc: Julia Fox. We really were just so wild. I pray my kids aren’t my karma. Not the point of this post, everything I said is happening. I’m about that life, if you think I’m not you got me fucked up. Told you so, I’m not someone to mess with. I give so much time, because once it’s up so is my compassion, and I will come down on you with the full wrath of the Gods. Trust me I’m wrathful. I want and will have revenge. Duh, I’m a war Goddess. Pay attention. It’s karmic season. All that surrounds the Kardashian Jenner West and Melanie Hamrick alignments are death, loss, and destruction. Via: Gothic Away

Mick Jagger The Misogynist

Everything Mick Jagger does is self-serving, he’s a psychopath, he comes first. Everything and everyone is a means to an end for him. You think he’d be with The Rolling Stones if his solo career took off? HA. His disgusting personality disorder is why they broke up. I’m trying to be compassionate, but when I take him to court you’ll see the evidence of my anger. He took advantage of my lifelong love for him, how he was my idol, I named my cat after him. He is a disgusting human being, who will pay for his lifetime of abuse, it ends with me. I read Goddess In The Doorway and wonder was I a premonition, or a manifestation? When I look at him, I feel hate, my blood boils. Mick Jagger and his band will pay, as will their families. The only reason he’s trying to put on a farce is not to take custody of that murder rape baby. Too bad. He doesn’t want that kid at all.

Mick Jagger is a misogynistic pig, who believes women are beneath him. He’s been quoted to say child rearing is women’s work. Which is why I’m going to make him do it. Women aren’t your property you decrepit fuck.

The fact that he told Bianca Jagger she can’t have babies with someone else, but he could is disgusting. Jerry Hall gave a married man blowjobs for two years to keep him, then wonders why he played her, a joke. Karma. Bianca clearly listened to him. In fact I think I’m the only woman whose ever stood up to this sexist bully. He also happens to be a powerful witch, Google The Hell’s Angels attempt to murder him. He created that storm. That’s why Melanie mutilated Hamrick needed a coven and a soul sell to get him and L’Wren Scott. He knew what I was before I did, that’s why he tried to own me. He doesn’t want me on vacation for a reason. I now know why.

The cards have been changing. I haven’t and won’t tell anyone what’s in store, I can’t trust anyone and for once it’s all about ME. I have never done that before, me, me, me. I’m not scared to be the star anymore, I want women, especially black women to see themselves as powerful. I shouldn’t have to hide behind men to be safe in this world. I’m a Goddess. I shouldn’t have men telling me what to do with my body, or anyone for that matter. I’m going to show you stars, not spectacles and as you can see I don’t need to manufacture drama. I’m fucking fascinating. Feeling envious? I’m just beginning. Athena/Minerva, Queen of Witches…bitch. Via: Sir Jagger & Andy Warhol Diaries

Athena Doesn’t Stop Until Justice Is Served

Is it making sense now?

Evil is afoot and it will not win. Whoever believes the devil as powerful as the almighty GOD, is a fool. The almighty allows things to happen for a bigger picture, for the higher good in the end. It may not make sense at the time, but it will. Melanie Hamrick’s time is up, as is her defunct covens, she got away with murder, rape and stalking for seven years, using black magic. She disrespected and lied on a goddess, she will pay. The devil always comes to collect, you’re watching it in real time too. You cannot violate sacred universal laws, nor align with those who do and get away with it. Mick Jagger’s kids fates, his family in general, will serve as cautionary tale, this is how myths are made. Try as I might to change their fate, all I did is extend their time, not by much. Not by much at all. Oh, to be prescient.

L’wren Scott is getting her justice. She did not want to die. Melanie will leave this planet with her murder rape baby in an awful way, she earned it. She wanted to be famous, not gonna happen, an infamous criminal, that’s the ticket. When Mick told me she was evil I ignored him, when L’wren showed me what happened to her, finding all that evidence, I was gobsmacked. What hurts now is how rightfully disgusted she is with Mick and his family, after saving them. Ungrateful white trash. I don’t feel bad for them, watching destiny reap what they sow is amazing. Knowing only I can protect them and won’t, as their chances are up and that they, like the people who support them, are powerless and doomed gives me great joy. Throw all of you away eternally into those lonely flames.

If you disrespected me, or aligned with those who did, be it the Kardashian Jenner West coven, Ed Westwick being racist, people I know, places I worked where dark magic was being used…you chose your fate and it’s not a good one. PLEASE NOT YOU GUYS CAME TO ME, I WAS MINDING MY BUSINESS. When a divine speaks I suggest you listen. You aren’t capable of fraction of what I can do. I was holding back due to my compassionate nature, but that’s done now. Good luck trying to escape your destiny. Here’s a hint, you don’t and with each passing day you’re closer to those eternal flames, instead of being reunited with those you love in paradise. Do enjoy your time, for it is running out. Via: Magical Recipes Online

Melanie Hamrick Is Maryann Donchez

At one point she was L Donchez, which I also have screenshots of. Here’s Melanie Ugly Hamrick, under L’Wren Scott’s photo on the day she forced her to kill herself, using the full moon and her defunct coven. She’s the troll account Maryann Donchez. She comments angel under the photo and then likes her own comment. A mentally ill, stalker, trying to wear someone else’s skin.

On April second, Maryann Donchez followed and unfollowed me. She did the same thing on April 16th, but I’m gonna save that for my article this week, showing her in my stories under multiple troll accounts (including this one). After committing perjury, claiming I was stalking her. As if I would ever care about someone so below basic and unattractive. Look at me, I was written into the will and walked away, I have other options. I’m being stalked and copied by powerful people. Anyone who believed her is just as mentally ill, stupid, or both. Or simply racist.

Melanie is obsessed with me, in love and mentally unwell. She doesn’t care that she’s adding jail time, as long as she gets to interact with me. Many people who practice black magic are idiots, without it they lack common sense, dependent on it to make things so. Now that her time is up and the devil’s come to collect, she’s deep in delusion. It’s not her murder rape baby, family, or Mick Jagger she’ll miss most, it’s me. Shaking my head. No dignity, no self respect, no beauty, no personality, no talent, no style, she’s a murder, rapist, stalker, black magician, who took away the freewill of two people, only to find in the end it wasn’t worth it.

It’s finally time to tell that story about homeless people, so everyone can understand their fate in eternal flames. How you aligned with evil, and will pay the price. For many of you, your children will join, the devil loves the soul’s of youth. That’s common knowledge (bring me the soul of a newborn babe). You did this to yourselves, fans, friends and family alike. I mean hello, I found all this evidence down to coven pictures and you thought aligning against me, disrespecting me, not listening was smart? You deserve everything that’s coming. Most of you won’t survive the decade. Sorry not sorry. Enjoy your time. Via: Itsjqboo

Shit Happens For The Life Shift

I’ve gone through so much shit in life with simple things like university, housing, career…constantly having negative energy trying to bring me down. People going as far as to black magic, jealous, envious, people, but I kept to GOD, to discover I was one. Always optimistic that things would work out. In retrospect it did, the universe forcing me into my divinity and purpose. Things weren’t happening to me, they were happening for me. I didn’t take the societal path, mucking through the crap, determined to live out my dreams. I wouldn’t change a thing. What’s coming to me was earned. Most people couldn’t handle a fraction of what I’ve survived, let alone on blind faith. Next time you’re going through it, remember it’s for a bigger purpose. Don’t be lazy, read the signs, find authentic spirituality to see the patterns. I say authentic because so many people, especially celebrities, claim GOD and are evil as shit, delusional too. Don’t worry, I’ve been saving receipts, with these court cases coming up you’ll find out who. Remember the longer it takes the worse it will be. Told you this is my year to rise into power. You are entering the age of Athena. When’s the last time shit happened, but was really a shift into something positive for you? Artist: Kendal Blake