National Hispanic Heritage Month 2023

Happy National Hispanic Heritage Month! Go support businesses and artists. Please remember these racists think you’re all Mexican, and equate Spanish to the language of the help. The fact that this is in the middle of two months is disrespectful. From September 15th to October 15th…easy to forget. Which is why I almost did.

I posted Selena (classic Halloween costume), because I love her. Although I grew up learning French, my favorite songs of hers are the Spanish ones. Actually my favorite thing to do when working at Miss Lily’s, or going to the prep kitchen at Follia was making an entrance to Como La Flor. I always did it just like the movie, dramatic, stopping to look at the audience after a long, como la florrrrrrrrr. I’m a terrible singer, which made everyone laugh until tears. It would also just be so out of nowhere. Of course I messed lyrics up and was corrected. However, I do that with English songs too, since I was a child according to my mom. For example, I literally thought Crime Mob was saying “I come in the club shaking my grits,” on Knuck If You Buck. It’s shaking my dreads…grits doesn’t even make sense, as my friends stopped the sing along to tell me. I’ll sing loud and wrong for years, smh.
Our difference are what makes us beautiful. I think racist people are filled with so much hatred, because their lives are one note, when you need different ones to achieve harmony. Via: 90’s.History