Taylor Swift’s Soul Switch

Once I saw the reports on Taylor Swift dating Matt Healy, their history, his history I knew she was up to some shit. Taylor is extremely smart, which is why I favor her. There is no way on planet Earth she would date someone who disrespected her, women, is a racist and makes mediocre music. I’ve never heard of this man until she got him attention, which is exactly why she did it.
About a week ago I wrote on some obscure blog to her “If you want, he is sent.” Unfortunately this was the one time in my life I didn’t screenshot the interaction.

If you recall in my Lessons From Drag Me To Hell article, I dissect the accurate universal rules of the film. Now what you might not know is Selena Gomez royally pissed me off, presenting herself as an idiot, a try hard and a disappointment. I use to favor her. I told Gomez she was never getting a deal, she would burn in hell eternally. Which is where Taylor being a bright, ardent student came into play. Knowing I wouldn’t accept any deals Selena made, she decided to switch out her soul with somebody else’s. She chose Matt as tribute, banking on my love for her that I would understand and accept her offer. It worked. Had it been for Gigi Hadid, or a few others it would be a hard NO. However, I did love Selena and due to Swift’s bravery, intellect, a well executed scheme and being the first to think of doing this, offer accepted. Selena Gomez is free to go. She will not be exposed, nor sent to hell. Taylor Swift has made me incredibly proud. She found a loophole in my words and used it to save someone she loved. It’s very rare someone makes me smile at the thought of their character, Taylor did that. You basic Aryan bitches, learn from this. She is what you need to aim for: beauty, talent, compassion, class, intellect.
Selena Gomez count your lucky stars that people love you enough to give you a kidney, to send someone to hell. Niggas really out here doing anything for Selena’s. Get it together and don’t disappoint me again. I expect better from you. Matt Healy deuces bro. Enjoy your time, hashtag feminism, hashtag Black Lives Matter, hashtag you got played little bitch. Xoxo Athena. Via: Porch Light Swift