Mindy Kaling Aging Like Fine Wine

Some people are fortunate enough to get hotter with age, Mindy Kaling is one of those people. She’s launching a bikini collab with Andie Swim, to empower women and she looks damn good doing it. Also I love the beach, we know this. My favorite part is actually the confidence of beach goers. I fucking love that people come as they are, nobody gives a fuck how you look at the beach. You’d think it’d be the opposite, but it’s truly not. I’ve never seen anyone shamed, or shy. We’re all just soaking up the sun, slathering oils we brought, or borrowed from one another. It’s such a peaceful accepting place, nobody stops you from drinking, smoking, living your life. It’s utopia.
Personally never going topless again, although it was the only reason the cops didn’t arrest me for toking when it was illegal. From po-po to an orthodox Jewish man, I was gawked at to the point of perversion. An old man literally turned his chair to look at me, later stating I had big breast and giving me a thumbs up. I promise you, if you aren’t feeling confident go to the beach. However, if your feet specifically aren’t done, that’s when people judge you. Deadass. Are you excited for beach season? Via: People Style

Last Days Of Summer

What I’ll miss most is the beach, nutcrackers, tanning, sand under my feet. Til we meet again summer, I love you…unless I vacation somewhere where it’s summer. Then I’m going to stunt on you hoes and be dark af while y’all not. What will you miss most? Via: Use Dreams

Waiting All Winter Long

Me to the beach. It’s almost that time folks, get out the coconut oil, sunscreen and adult provisions. Last year was cute, but I plan on a purple summer 2021. What have you waited all winter long to embrace?

People I’m Reporting

On instagram, because they naturally have the complexion I desire. Usually I get so dark you can barely see my tattoos, but thanks to Covid I didn’t get as much beach time. Currently, I’m fading and upset. Conclusion: report them, because it isn’t fair! Gorgeous, blemish free barbies. Did your tan get ruined due to Covid? Via: Vogue Australia

Indebted To The Universe

Honestly, I have to be one of the luckiest people in the world. One of my wildest dreams, well partial, but still beyond what I’d expect has come true. That alone makes this the best summer of my life. Upon rumination this has been a momentous season, just extraordinary. The stories I’ll tell my kids. ICONIC. Thank you universe I am indebted and eternally grateful. Every time people try it I level up, I’m protected and blessed. How’s summer 2020 going for you? Via: The Sea Files

Bad Bitch, Beaches, Birthdays

Me walking into the next beach day, knowing black don’t crack and I’m going to be a bikini clad bad bitch for the longest. Favorite Halle Berry film? Via: Halle Berry Fan Pics

This Is Not A Game

How I demand people treat me when I get darker. You mean queen and to be honest they do. Everyone always says hey you look good, did you do something different? Yes, indeed I did, I caught this color bitch. I’m the most extra when darker, like honestly don’t even talk to me unless you acknowledge it. Anyone who doesn’t is a hater and a liar! Of course all of this instantly feeds my OCD, how long will I stay like this? How many days left to get darker? I have to make up for the lack of time yesterday…a nut. What’s your favorite nature sanctuary? Via: Its Hilton Hottie

Beach Bum Writer Goals

Please be real one day. If I could type while sitting in a body of water, it would be a beach bum writer’s dream. Nature gives me such inspiration and clears my head. How does nature revive you? Via: The Pink Lemonade

Praying For A Heatwave

Me next week now that I’m feeling better.
Can’t wait to get darker.

Artist: Aaronya Paints