Mindfulness & Gratitude Attract Abundance

Shift your perspective by completing these simple tasks. Not only does moving into gratitude and mindfulness make for a happier you, it increases your vibration, attracting abundance.Trust me I’ve done it. My energy was nebulous, muddled, I was carrying all this trauma. I was miserable. Once I started working on being a better human, putting in the work, it all changed. It’s by no means easy to go within, really face yourself, hold yourself accountable, but it’s worth it. You deserve joy, create it. Artist: SelfCareExpress

Indebted To The Universe

Honestly, I have to be one of the luckiest people in the world. One of my wildest dreams, well partial, but still beyond what I’d expect has come true. That alone makes this the best summer of my life. Upon rumination this has been a momentous season, just extraordinary. The stories I’ll tell my kids. ICONIC. Thank you universe I am indebted and eternally grateful. Every time people try it I level up, I’m protected and blessed. How’s summer 2020 going for you? Via: The Sea Files

If You’re Lucky…

Enough to find true, true love, that rare mythical thing. You just know how the other is feeling, or what they’re thinking, no matter the distance. Be grateful. Via: Law Of Attraction World

Be Nice To Yourself

Your thoughts shape your reality. More often than not we live in the negative, and play out dreadful what ifs. Manifesting future chaos. I believe it correlates to our survival instinct. If we prepare for the worse we can avoid it. Name three great things that happened this week! Via: Brown Girls Who Bruja

Check In. Check Up.

Take an emotional evaluation. Which one are you? If you’re happy write down five reasons why (be grateful). If you aren’t happy try this exercise. Get a piece of paper and write down what’s causing displeasure on one side (i.e job). In the next column write what you believe would alleviate the situation (get a new job). Baby steps! Choose one thing to work on this week (apply to one job a day). Life is too short, you deserve to be happy, we can do it together. Photo: Writers Pocket

Elevation Of Vibrations

These methods really work. Write down five things you’re grateful for, meditate for at least 5 minutes a day and yoga works too.