Halloween Inspo: Girl Squad Goals

Collective costume, get your gang together and dress up as one of these super catty girl squads. Which would you choose: Pink Lady’s, the grim Heathers, Emma inspired Clueless crew, or the infamous Mean Girls? Via:90s Flava

Freddie Mercury Inspo

For your Halloween consideration. I use to buy those slutty costumes from Ricky’s, a few times my friend actually just stole them, now I’m about originality. There are so many nouns you can be, why stress yourself with the long lines to look like the next bitch? Which Freddie would you wear this year? Via: Freddie Mercury Club

Black Is King Styled By Zerina Akers

Visually stunning, nothing less to be expected from a Knowles. My only wish is my uterus be as gifted as Miss Tina’s; I mean this is bananas, the talent that womb birthed is extraordinary. For the haters in the back, BeyoncĂ© is allowed to celebrate her ancestry any way she chooses. This isn’t appropriation, she’s reconnecting the black diaspora. Showing accurate representation of black divinity, which is so feared they try to white wash our history and degrade us to caricatures of the white imagination. Operative word try, as in attempted, as in failed. And FYI for the brainless, although the African American was created by the rape of our ancestors, our lineage does not begin there.

Round of applause to Zerina Akers for styling this film. SHE WENT OFFFFFFFF. That effortless cool we exude perfectly captured. I truly don’t know which look was my favorite and this isn’t even a fraction of what was done. THIS amongst many things is why black folks set the tone. Take notes, don’t steal our shit and give us credit. Period. You welcome and thank you Queens. Which look is your favorite? Which do you think is going to be the Halloween costume of 2020? Via: Beyonce 1, Black Is King, Valentine Bey & Miss Beyoncee