RIP Alex Trebek

Yesterday beloved television host Alex Trebek passed away of pancreatic cancer. It was a crushing blow after all the Election jubilation. After 37 years and over 8,000 episodes of Jeopardy, a show so iconic it spanned from one generation to the next, Trebek felt like more than just a household name. Saturating childhood evening, after evening with your nuclear, he became a family member. No matter the demographic each of us are able to recall the cadence of his voice, his poker face and a gentle spirit that radiated beyond the screen. Thank you Canada for giving us a legend who stoked the competitive American spirit, in a way that brought knowledge and merriment. Leaving us all to wonder, how well would you fare in front of such greatness? Rest in peace and always remember he had the answer, but what is the question? Via: Chicago History, Rerun The 80s & NYT Opinion

Smoking Kills Cigarette Aesthetic

Sixth time was the charm. I finally quit when I didn’t keep track. As cool as it looks, especially in Europe, these poison sticks are bad for your health and skin. Now is a good time to stop, since coronavirus attacks the respiratory system. Once when meditating I heard the mucous built up in my lungs and knew the jig was up. I also watched my grandmother get her leg amputated due to a lifetime of smoking, that fucked up her circulation. Your body is a temple treat it as such. Respect it. Do you need to quit smoking? Vaping sucks too. Photos: Dreams Never Lie Chico, Fashion Wonderer, London Street Art, Empire 90s, Goddamn 333 & Nenthe