Social Distancing Extension

When there’s an extension to stay at home, because everybody and they mama started acting up. Going outside, sitting on each other’s laps, sans mask like fuck it. Now the beaches aren’t opening, possibly indefinitely. Raise your hand if this how you feel? Via: 90s Worldwide

Pandemic Precautions With Britney

We’re closer to out of this than not, please remember to wear a mask! There were so many people in Central Park on The Great Lawn, less than a centimeter apart, mask and glove free. Unwise, we don’t want a second wave (which I feel is going to happen at this rate). Be like Britney, be safe. Are you taking the proper precautions when you’re out during nice weather? Via: V Files

Some Favorite Neon Quality Signs

The first sign is apt. Stay home, protect our elderly and those with respiratory or autoimmune diseases. I love neon signs, they’re just so pretty and cool. Which one do you want the most? I can’t choose between live colorfully, wish you were here and you fine rare mess.