Mick Jagger The Misogynist

Everything Mick Jagger does is self-serving, he’s a psychopath, he comes first. Everything and everyone is a means to an end for him. You think he’d be with The Rolling Stones if his solo career took off? HA. His disgusting personality disorder is why they broke up. I’m trying to be compassionate, but when I take him to court you’ll see the evidence of my anger. He took advantage of my lifelong love for him, how he was my idol, I named my cat after him. He is a disgusting human being, who will pay for his lifetime of abuse, it ends with me. I read Goddess In The Doorway and wonder was I a premonition, or a manifestation? When I look at him, I feel hate, my blood boils. Mick Jagger and his band will pay, as will their families. The only reason he’s trying to put on a farce is not to take custody of that murder rape baby. Too bad. He doesn’t want that kid at all.

Mick Jagger is a misogynistic pig, who believes women are beneath him. He’s been quoted to say child rearing is women’s work. Which is why I’m going to make him do it. Women aren’t your property you decrepit fuck.

The fact that he told Bianca Jagger she can’t have babies with someone else, but he could is disgusting. Jerry Hall gave a married man blowjobs for two years to keep him, then wonders why he played her, a joke. Karma. Bianca clearly listened to him. In fact I think I’m the only woman whose ever stood up to this sexist bully. He also happens to be a powerful witch, Google The Hell’s Angels attempt to murder him. He created that storm. That’s why Melanie mutilated Hamrick needed a coven and a soul sell to get him and L’Wren Scott. He knew what I was before I did, that’s why he tried to own me. He doesn’t want me on vacation for a reason. I now know why.

The cards have been changing. I haven’t and won’t tell anyone what’s in store, I can’t trust anyone and for once it’s all about ME. I have never done that before, me, me, me. I’m not scared to be the star anymore, I want women, especially black women to see themselves as powerful. I shouldn’t have to hide behind men to be safe in this world. I’m a Goddess. I shouldn’t have men telling me what to do with my body, or anyone for that matter. I’m going to show you stars, not spectacles and as you can see I don’t need to manufacture drama. I’m fucking fascinating. Feeling envious? I’m just beginning. Athena/Minerva, Queen of Witches…bitch. Via: Sir Jagger & Andy Warhol Diaries

Shit Happens For The Life Shift

I’ve gone through so much shit in life with simple things like university, housing, career…constantly having negative energy trying to bring me down. People going as far as to black magic, jealous, envious, people, but I kept to GOD, to discover I was one. Always optimistic that things would work out. In retrospect it did, the universe forcing me into my divinity and purpose. Things weren’t happening to me, they were happening for me. I didn’t take the societal path, mucking through the crap, determined to live out my dreams. I wouldn’t change a thing. What’s coming to me was earned. Most people couldn’t handle a fraction of what I’ve survived, let alone on blind faith. Next time you’re going through it, remember it’s for a bigger purpose. Don’t be lazy, read the signs, find authentic spirituality to see the patterns. I say authentic because so many people, especially celebrities, claim GOD and are evil as shit, delusional too. Don’t worry, I’ve been saving receipts, with these court cases coming up you’ll find out who. Remember the longer it takes the worse it will be. Told you this is my year to rise into power. You are entering the age of Athena. When’s the last time shit happened, but was really a shift into something positive for you? Artist: Kendal Blake

Justice Sotomayor You’re…

Free to go. You will not be entered into the play pool. Let me tell everyone something, my patience is white women’s lips thin, Melanie Hamrick lines on loose leaf paper lips thin. I haven’t gone on vacation and I’m not entering the new year with the same drama. Anyone can get it. I’m over it. Gee golly do you think I know what I’m talking about, because I’m guardian of civilization and seeing into the future is one of my witch abilities? If humans were wiser the world wouldn’t be ending and I wouldn’t be here. Try me. Ruling with my heart has taught me most of you don’t understand compassion for others, you have none. I will gift that apathy in return. Women’s bodies are not a political playground, I ensure you, you’ll regret it. Via: Latino Museum

I Freed Britney PERIOD

As cute as the thirteen year effort to free Britney Spears was, none of it was effective until I said it on June 29th 2021 on my main instagram page itsjqboo. Subsequently everything she needed from getting a new lawyer to freedom happened immediately. Look back at the dates yourself. You know you guys really should pay attention, especially to my words, I’m getting a lot done and I’m only beginning. I passed the final boss round now it’s time to have some fun and remember the blessings I bestow I can and will take away. Y’all not ready, you better get ready cause the wheel has turned indeed. I’d share what that means, but I think it’s best to show you. I’ve been being a good witch and learning and crafting, before it was just thoughts. Just like I told Mark Zuckerberg, but I’ll save his story for another time. He shouldn’t have crossed me. Took my protection from him and look what happened. And everything I told Melanie Hamrick I would do is occurring. Now get to work bitch. Via: ItsBritneySpears

Material Suffering Is A Blessing

All the cards keep telling me use your abilities, but love made me weak and I’ve tried to forgive more after my friend’s death. Life is too short. Now I’m angry and that’s the last thing anyone wants, it gives me fire. It’s when I make the most happen. Being nice isn’t working I’m going to get everyone who crossed me, everyone. I’ve been told I’m a bad witch numerous times (as in learning), the power of that is by blood, hereditary. Now I’ve been taking it more seriously. 11/11 is a most sacred day so I won’t be posting. You bitches better run, but I’ll find you. Nothing motivates me more than justice and revenge, just wait. Via: Divine Serpent Fire

Melanie Posted That BDAY Picture

BECAUSE I got her to post it, I told her troll account I had a surprise for her birthday and she took the incrimination bait. Here she is responding to me. She further incriminates herself for the crime of murder and rape when she blocked me from the same account, when she couldn’t handle the truth.

Melanie Got A Reality Check

You guys are playing checkers, I’m playing chess. Melanie Hamrick is ugly, evil and has incriminated herself a great deal. Exposing her before the death of her entire bloodline will be an honor. Again she’s not pretty, facial deformities run in her family (anyone who was still rocking with her after my first round of evidence is going with her, while Mick’s kids are on borrowed time), she never rose in ballet because she’s talentless, she has no sense of style, no body, an uneven chin, an uneven nose, nappy hair, close together odd shaped eyes, thin lip, thin eyebrows, no personality, NO SUITORS, nobody is trying to hit it, including the elderly man you raped after pushing his partner of 13 years to suicide, so you could still be basic and boring. Not even a legend can help your ugly, below basic ass. Thanks for revealing yourself loser.

Here’s a tip next time don’t stalk someone who is far more powerful, beautiful and smarter than you. Raise your hand if you owe me an apology? Anyone else wanna play? I’m feeling awfully vicious. Remember I’m ten steps ahead xoxo Gossip Girl (don’t fuck with an Upper East Side Bitch bitch).