Shit Happens For The Life Shift

I’ve gone through so much shit in life with simple things like university, housing, career…constantly having negative energy trying to bring me down. People going as far as to black magic, jealous, envious, people, but I kept to GOD, to discover I was one. Always optimistic that things would work out. In retrospect it did, the universe forcing me into my divinity and purpose. Things weren’t happening to me, they were happening for me. I didn’t take the societal path, mucking through the crap, determined to live out my dreams. I wouldn’t change a thing. What’s coming to me was earned. Most people couldn’t handle a fraction of what I’ve survived, let alone on blind faith. Next time you’re going through it, remember it’s for a bigger purpose. Don’t be lazy, read the signs, find authentic spirituality to see the patterns. I say authentic because so many people, especially celebrities, claim GOD and are evil as shit, delusional too. Don’t worry, I’ve been saving receipts, with these court cases coming up you’ll find out who. Remember the longer it takes the worse it will be. Told you this is my year to rise into power. You are entering the age of Athena. When’s the last time shit happened, but was really a shift into something positive for you? Artist: Kendal Blake