Justice Sotomayor You’re…

Free to go. You will not be entered into the play pool. Let me tell everyone something, my patience is white women’s lips thin, Melanie Hamrick lines on loose leaf paper lips thin. I haven’t gone on vacation and I’m not entering the new year with the same drama. Anyone can get it. I’m over it. Gee golly do you think I know what I’m talking about, because I’m guardian of civilization and seeing into the future is one of my witch abilities? If humans were wiser the world wouldn’t be ending and I wouldn’t be here. Try me. Ruling with my heart has taught me most of you don’t understand compassion for others, you have none. I will gift that apathy in return. Women’s bodies are not a political playground, I ensure you, you’ll regret it. Via: Latino Museum

Happy International Women’s Day

Live life for you, not societal norms. Do it for our ancestors who were abused and burned for centuries. The ones who had to marry their rapist, the ones who couldn’t get abortions, the ones who couldn’t work, the ones who couldn’t vote, the ones confined to finite careers due to their gender…They would kill to experience an ounce of the freedom we have now. And still we have a long ways to go. Photo: Love April Green