Female Form Nails

Hunched over his desk in a manner that was out of character, I asked Peter what he was doing. Having known one another since middle school I knew a hair was astray in his behavior, just too quiet and concentrated.

“Nothing, I’m not done yet. I’ll show you when I’m finished.”

His project lasted all period, while the rest of us took chemistry notes.
A pen pokes my bicep.
“Look,” his dimples were so deep with joy.
“What…Peter why did you do that?” I just couldn’t understand it, but I died laughing.

For some reason my teacher decided to walk through the aisles at the end of class, a no nonsense Jamaican woman we all adored who loved us in return. She’d do things like ask for volunteers then run to the back of the room after making the student mix brightly colored substances together, but tell them to stay in the front.

“Who did this? Zulu, torpedos, bazookas, orangutan, itty bitty…” she tapped her finger on the desk as she read the names underneath at least twenty different pairs of titty’s drawn in blue pen. Stopping the class after we’d gathered our belongings to head out. Everyone erupted in laughter.

“No this not funny, this is damaging school property. Nobody leaving until I get a confession. You know who did this?”
A horrific liar I opted to say nothing. No. Snitching.

“Who sit’s here? Don’t make me walk back to the front to get the seating chart,” she was newly pregnant, a tool she used to guilt trip us. “But see if I beat y’all I’m in the wrong, I get in trouble,” patois heavy.
“Peter Lam don’t you sit here?” she pointed an accusatory finger.
“No,” he lied.
“So why you smiling so hard for?” one thing about Mrs. Ayala is she had a killer instinct, she just knew. “It was you, class dismissed except Peter clean this up. I swear something wrong with you kids, just bad,” she walked away trying not to laugh.
Petty she changed her mind and made the rest of us wait the remaining three minutes before allowing us to head to our next class, while Peter a charming beautiful boy who’d caused some animosity amongst the girls in our circle for being just that, used hand sanitizer to remove the ink.
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