People Who Don’t Like Melanie Hamrick

Please don’t call yourself a fan, or even intelligent and not notice the reality of relationships. Keith Richards and Patti Hansen don’t fuck with Melanie ugly ass Hamrick. Neither did Charlie Watts, nor her murder rape baby. Fake ass fans. Unlike Ronnie and Sally Wood, the Richards aren’t Mick Jagger’s slaves. Nobody tells Keith Richards what to do, which is why he is the most rock n roll ever. My style icon, the man I got almost everything from, possibly my biggest influence, down to attitude. Mick got confused and thought I was bimbo Jerry Hall, or one of his clan.
Actually come to think of it, Keith only fucks with Mick when it’s about work. No birthdays, no hanging out, nothing. Probably because that bitch Brenda is a psychopath monster, who literally didn’t give af that Charlie Watts died- asking me to give him money for his funeral. Ensuring he had full financial control to enslave me. Brenda also destroyed their life’s work for an ugly bitch, who raped him for money and murdered L’wren Scott. Let me guess, you’re crying you decrepit hotdog faced bitch, because Keith isn’t going to help you? He’s not gonna pose with some deformed faced girl to help you abuse me, after I saved your lives. Cover up a murder. Boost your ego. Cause you could have just gotten custody like I said, but instead you’re going to lose everything and go to prison. Pedophile scum. That’s why Charlie was helping me. That’s why Keith isn’t going to jail.

Notice picture three, Keith hanging out with Mick’s grandson, no such pictures with the murder rape baby.
The following pictures are Charlie and Patti with L’wren, things they’ve never done with Melanie the rapist parasite. This is probably one of the only times Richards hasn’t hung out with Mick and his chick. Because Melanie isn’t Stones material. She’s weird, ugly, deformed, a stalker, murderer, rapist, talentless, has no self-respect, a loser all her life, and mentally unstable. She fits right into that psychopath family.

After not speaking to him for a year, getting my energy back, not watching his videos, or listening to his music, seeing how disgusting he is (trying to get me to accept his abuse and pedophilia like the others)- I want him to die in prison. He can’t get or keep pretty girls anymore, because he’s vile. Thinks the sun and moon revolve around him. Disrespected the dead and a Goddess. Now I’m going to teach you a lesson you can’t afford to pay. You are going to be a nobody just like Melanie, what they remember you for will make you wish for death. I’m going to take everything from you.
Birds of a feather, she’s ugly and now you’re ugly. Beauty is power, you’re finished.
Don’t want to be a good human? Give me my money? Thank L’wren Scott for saving you? Drag more people to hell? Abuse women? Then I’m going to give you back what you gave thee, by ten, not three, so mote it be. Athena and Queen witch, you’re gonna learn your place boy. Via: Fashionista6373, Best_Pics_Of_ Stones & Getty Images