Return To Sender Affirmation

This doesn’t work if your time is up though. As in you have bad karma coming your way. What are other ways I taught you to cleanse yourself? Via: The Conjured Saint

Nails To Ward Off Evil

Striking down evil hoes, with an evil eye nail set sis. This is a reminder to stay prayed up and aligned with light; you never know who’s doing what against you. Deadass. Not believing doesn’t means it’s not real, it just mean you’re unprotected. Via: Gemini.Nailz

10 Sign Of Negative Energy

It’s remarkable how much negative energy, be it evil eyes, dark magic, or people manifesting against you, can alter your being. Before I cleansed myself I had every single sign. Things I can’t live without: reading, watching films, learning, long walks, writing…I no longer wanted to do. Are these applicable to you? Via: Ishita Tarot Reader

Eternal Flame By Fernando Gomez

Wow. Everything really happens for a reason. Lesson learned and excited for this cycle to end. Writing is cathartic, when it’s out of your head and down on paper you can see the patterns. I literally sat here recounting all the relationships in the past few years that’ve taken the SAME overall turns to destruction, out of nowhere. I thank God for looking out for me, synchronizing my life, or I would never have suspected my stepdad. From the psychic who stopped me on the street to tell me he’d lit black candles, to this. There’s just NO WAY the same events happen with different people each and every single time. Same with career, but after recounting childhood in that article how could I be that blind. I mean duh bitch, wake up. Now everything down to last Thanksgiving makes sense.

Without introspection, the need to be a better person by reflecting on my role in repeating toxicity in order to take ownership and accountability, I’d never see it. Just stunned. Good always wins over evil, justice will always be served. Take the most destructive area of your life. Create four columns (see below). Find the pattern, apply the lesson and open to abundance. Via: Trunk Archive & Starseedps

Person Or SituationHow It StartedHow It Ended My Role (actions/reactions)

Saint Twenty’s Introspection Chart

Evil Eye Nails Vibe

Put out those evil eyes, black magic is running rampant. Believe it or not it’s real, the latter just leaves you unprotected and fair game for those who are about that life. I’m leaning towards the first set. Which evil eye nails would you rock to block these hater hoes? Via: Miss Betty Rose, Grookere Nails & Nails Ride