Jinx, Hex, Evil Eye, Or Curse

Evil eyes aren’t up here, but they’re similar to a hex minus the time limit. In fact an evil eye will continue until removed. I’d place it between hex and curse.
It’s created with conscious intention and tools.
Primary use to bring harm, illness, discomfort and inconvenience the target.
Can last short term, but more commonly last until cleansed.
Symptoms depend on the type of evil eye, is it financial like the one placed on me by that gypsy? Is it health related, business related? There are at least six kinds if I recall correctly.

This is why you need to be a good person (reap what you sow), stay prayed up and protected. You never know WHAT people are wishing on you. Unless of course you’re super spiritually enlightened, gifted, then you do know. Personally I can feel when and what others are trying to do to me, in the beginning when I was a baby witch, nor had my Goddess abilities fully activated, had a low vibrational energy, I was targeted successfully. This why I be teaching y’all, just because you don’t believe (like I did before it became life or death) DOESN’T MEAN IT’S NOT REAL. It just means you’re easy pickings babe. Do you know how many people walk around with hexes, jinxes, evil eyes and curses, thinking it’s bad luck? Thinking they just have a shitty life? Via: Grant_Malefica