Evil Eye Nails Vibe

Put out those evil eyes, black magic is running rampant. Believe it or not it’s real, the latter just leaves you unprotected and fair game for those who are about that life. I’m leaning towards the first set. Which evil eye nails would you rock to block these hater hoes? Via: Miss Betty Rose, Grookere Nails & Nails Ride

New Season Who Dis?

These designs scream Fall is coming. Usually we associate darker colors with cooler seasons, so this is a cute take. Like most black people, I knew summer was over when I saw how ashy my hands were today. Shit was wild. Shout out to my Asian sister, after doing my nails she hooked me up with oil. Time to get a new tube of Trader Joe’s hand lotion. Which set do you prefer? Via: Goddess Provisions (Top) Munchis Love (Bottom)