Throw Away Expectations

Yes 2020 has started off bizarre and out of mortal command with the majority of the world forced indoors. It’s been distressing for everyone, especially those who aren’t receiving any sort of income, have no food and a multitude of other issues that have plagued many during this pandemic. Everyone is dealt a different hand during this crisis, which is something to be mindful of when negativity seeps in. Personally this has been a rewarding experience for me, probably because I’m use to riding the sometimes tumultuous waves of life. Everything is probability, things go awry.

It’s easier said than done to remain positive in search of a silver lining.

As humans we need the sun for mental health purposes, we thrive when our skin is kissed by it’s rays. We also need each other, socializing is how we’ve survived, how we outwitted the other homo something’s that lived here once. So feeling out of sorts is natural and normal especially since the nicer months have come to pass. It feels like we went from winter to winter, but it’s important to remember that anything can happen. Just as quickly as this came out of nowhere, leave room for the opposite. That’s the biggest lesson that’s been reaffirmed throughout this experience for me. Expect nothing, but keep an open mind for anything. That can be exciting and nerve wracking, but the quote “we make plans and god laughs” didn’t come from the woodwork. We still have another 7 months for magic and miracles that might exceed what we previously believed possible. What are your expectations for the rest of this year? Now throw them out the window.

The Strength Of Love

Did I cry?


In public my throat throbbed while I forced back tears. An amazing story of a man who agrees to work for the Germans in order to keep his family safe. Speaking six languages Lale is promoted to tatowierer. Branding every person who comes through with a series of numbers. He starts to question if he too is a collaborator, but sees to it that he uses his perks to help out as many people as possible, putting his life at risk. When he lays eyes on Gita it’s love at first sight, Lale makes it his mission to make it out alive and marry that girl.

This gives an in depth, detailed account of the atrocities that took place at concentration camps. The most interesting part is the social order amongst the prisoners, who still maintained dignity, love, honor and integrity whilst living in literal hell. One cannot read this book and not believe in miracles.