The Strength Of Love

Did I cry?


In public my throat throbbed while I forced back tears. An amazing story of a man who agrees to work for the Germans in order to keep his family safe. Speaking six languages Lale is promoted to tatowierer. Branding every person who comes through with a series of numbers. He starts to question if he too is a collaborator, but sees to it that he uses his perks to help out as many people as possible, putting his life at risk. When he lays eyes on Gita it’s love at first sight, Lale makes it his mission to make it out alive and marry that girl.

This gives an in depth, detailed account of the atrocities that took place at concentration camps. The most interesting part is the social order amongst the prisoners, who still maintained dignity, love, honor and integrity whilst living in literal hell. One cannot read this book and not believe in miracles.