The Price Of Souls

“Well perhaps I let her believe I was a little more…angelic? But deep down, I think she knew. Greatness requires sacrifice. Who you sacrifice to matters less than what you sacrifice for. And in the end, she became what she wanted to be.’
“A martyr?”
“A legend.”
Addie shakes her head. “But the artists. Think of all they could have done. Don’t you mourn the loss?”
Luc’s face darkens…
“Of course I do,”he says. “But all great art comes with a cost.” He looks away. “You should know that. After all, we are both patrons, in our way.”

But when it’s late, and he is gone, and she is left to wander, the opera plays on, perfectly preserved inside the prism of her memory, and Addie wonders, softly, silently, if their souls were a fair price for such fine art.” Via: Doja Cat

Calls From The Other Side

Paranormal lessons come full circle, in my experience. It’s divined.
It was an average Friday; we all separated into smaller groups, or pairs to drop off our belongings at home, before getting wasted for the weekend. Sara and Paula went off together to Sara’s. Paula had a free house as always, that’s where the entire crew was headed. Jenna and I were the first to meet them. Halfway up the block I noticed their ashen faces, expressions filled with fear and disbelief. The vibe was eerie. We stopped our mindless chatter.
“What’s wrong? Why do you guys look like that?” I’d never seen them so visibly shook. My inquisition was met with silence.
“Seriously what’s going on? You’re acting strange,” Jenna pushed.
“If we told you guys, you wouldn’t believe us,” Sara replied teary eyed.
“…What? Are you guys joking? Just tell us,” perplexed, I was perplexed. What could they possibly say to blow our minds?
“We’ll tell you once and then I never want to talk about it again,” Sara said. “We were in the elevator and her phone starts to ring…” she stops and Paula finishes.
“It was my dad so I didn’t pick up, because his numbers been disconnected,” she inhales her cigarette. Exhales. “He left a voicemail.”
“Wait, what?!” Jenna and I said in unison, it must have been.
“I swear to God, it was staticky and said ‘Paula, it’s dad I love you.”
We all stare at each other.
“You’re lying,” I accuse her is disbelief.
“She’s not,” Sara confirms “It was on speaker, I heard it.”

Paula’s dad died when we were in tenth grade, he shot himself in the head. She was devastated, we were devastated for her. His phone was disconnected shortly after, him calling was impossible, he left a voicemail, she played it twice then deleted it. People can call from the grave? I didn’t understand, but Sara’s not a liar. Blunt, bitchy, but never a liar. We were silent until others pulled up to break the tension. An unspoken agreement, we keep it to ourselves. Cut to…

Over a decade later I’m watching Celebrity Ghost Stories. This black actor is on. I cannot for the life of me remember who, but the story is unforgettable. He goes home to the hood between shooting, while there he stays with his mom and grandmother. Every time a certain childhood friend comes around to see him, they go out of their way to turn him away. Finally he catches his grandmother doing so while descending the stairs, he’s midway when she closes the door. Now this friend was from the streets, gang banging and what not, the actor lucked out finding a different path. Days later his mom tells him the boys been shot. Turns out his matriarchs kept him away, because they saw death around his eyes and knew his time was up.
Shortly after that the actor receives a call, he picks up, it’s his deceased friend.
“Help me, help me, you gotta get me out of here,” his dead friend says.
The actor hears a deep voice amongst the noise, scream “Get back here.” His friend screams no, noooooooo and the phone hangs up. He was calling from hell. Now I’m teary eyed, you can get calls from the dead…Paula’s dad. It all came full circle, the universe designing both experiences for me to experience.

Hell is real. Those aligned with the Kardashian Jenner West coven and Melanie Hamrick, that’s your final destination. I was never joking. You are a soul. When you look into a coffin at a loved ones lifeless body, you always think it’s not them, because the body is a vehicle for your soul. Suddenly it’s a useless inanimate object, a stranger.
You’re going to hell, because it was your choice. I told you what to do to a tee, it was your freewill (a sacred right Melanie doesn’t understand). You cut your life short, you chose eternal damnation. All the evidence was in your face, everything provided for you. How many times did I say the devils come to collect? OWN IT. This world doesn’t need you incarnating again to lower the vibration of humanity.

I’ve seen a demon, at my grandmother’s house during witching hour, waking up my sister and cousin. They saw it too.

It looked like this: short, red eyes, a smile so wide it went off it’s face. The darkest thing I’ve ever seen, with a hat and arms longer than it’s body, curling up, swinging back and forth, never touching the floor. I’ll never forget it. Where do demons come from?…Duh. Was it worth it? Play with me if you want, Monday Wednesday I’ll tell you how a lesson on homeless people went 360 as well. Via: Monsters Amongst Us Podcast & Unworn

When I saw a demon (he wasn’t shadow person, his body wasn’t human form):
Celebrity Ghost Stories (found it!):

Let’s Make Some Things Crystal Clear K

Hecate is the goddess of witchcraft, I’m queen of witches by blood, two different things. I can call upon her to help me, I’m Athena. Goddess, queen, words matter.

I told you all for over a year the devil is coming to collect, those with deals and their affiliates, disconnect your energy. You didn’t.

I told you all I was going to protect people from hell up to a point, there are time frames that must be honored, if yours expired oh well. Blame your lack of intelligence and your ego.

I told you all even if you’re in my protection bad things can still happen if connected to that family, like André Leon Talley’s eviction coming to light, he was not removed from my protection. However the ordeal is over now, I soften the blow, you won’t come to harm for long.

Unless stated otherwise your kids are going with you, come on guys Greek gods/goddesses are the most wrathful. You’re a bad, self-absorbed parent. Blame yourselves. I gave you all the tools to make better decisions. I said idgaf about bloodlines…jplay I only send the children of those I really don’t like.

L’wren Scott wanted a baby and she will have one. Deals with the devil always come with a catch. Melanie Hamrick’s is she will be famous, but not for being a ballerina. No, no, no, she will be famous for her evil. The child will go with L’wren in his early death, and she will go to hell. Deal’s with the devil have fine print. That’s why you shouldn’t make em.

You’re all worried about Virgil, but a few post ago I cut short all the lifespans to do with the Kardashian Jenner West family. Worry about you. You all had choices you made em. Now you will know the value of time versus money.

I won’t have a favorite kid, but I do have favorites and they are blessed. They soar.

If Mick Jagger is my twin flame and whatever I am he is, who do you think he is the Greek god incarnation of? Only when he is activated via my womb though. Use your thinking caps. Music, my grandmother’s nickname tatted on my ankle.

You did this to yourself. I said anyone aligned with racism, oppression and hate will pay. Anyone who crossed me will pay. Anyone who align with people who cross me will pay. BLAME YOURSELF AND YOUR LACK OF KINDNESS. YOU’RE A HORRIBLE PERSON. YOU DID THIS TO YOURSELF. I will dance on your unmarked graves as promised. Via: Witchstagram

Melanie Got A Reality Check

Imagine forcing yourself into a powerful family using black magic, to get L’wren to commit suicide and getting an old man who would never look at you, to date you with no consent. Just because he’s old doesn’t mean he deserves ugly, youth ain’t everything (also he looks better than people half his age, still has a full head of hair and is spry af). Then to bring a life into this world, again with no consent. She then proceeds to stalk someone from multiple accounts, who got the same man without dark forces, trying to defend what was never yours in the first place. This is the story of Melanie Hamrick, to be released later this month. Her ballet dreams were never coming true and through delusion she felt entitled, so she took. Now she must pay.

The first photo is when Melanie revealed herself as Veeeeefr, for the full story wait until later this month. She came to look at her photo after I caught her on a different account disrespecting L’wren Scott (fans, friends, family… I don’t give a fuck who you are, anyone aligned with her is going to join her in hell). She’d been following me for months, but until that point I thought Veeeefr was the Kardashian’s, because as stated before I didn’t pay attention to Melanie even at Mick’s urgings.

The next two pictures are the day she blocked me when I hit her with a reality check, Melanie cannot take being called ugly, which is the truth, this is why she’s hellbent on trapping an old man. Unlike the rest of us actually chosen by Mick Jagger, no one is checking for Melanie. She’s not interesting or hot, even with a legend on her arm. Looking at Rachel Hamrick, it runs in the family. Melanie, my loyal doggy blocked me, because she has 15 other accounts she’s stalking me on. She can’t leave, because she NEEDS my approval. Now we talk on her Come On Stimmy account. In an effort to disguise herself as Kanye West, she stereotyped black rappers. Too bad I have a brain and abilities dingbat.

The last photo is to show you how serious she was, this isn’t Halloween fun. This is the coven she led before I took the powers that weren’t naturally given to them. Some people are missing, but I have other pictures with them in it. I’m only here to wet your beak.

When you dance with the devil he drags you to hell. Time was of the essence, because Devereaux an innocent victim she bought into this world, had limited time to be saved. Hence why I urged people to honor L’wren, preventing the consequences from being so dire. As L’wren’s life was taken for this to be. The Jagger’s didn’t listen in time, forcing the universe to create an ultimatum: the seven children and their mother’s die, or Melanie and Devereaux go. This was the painful lesson the Jagger’s were to learn.

What you’re about to see is karma, Melanie cut a life short and her life will be cut short in return. Melanie created a seed from darkness and the seed is now a liability, with his DNA she could wipe out the entire family, without her coven (had I not intervened). If you want to know what her final plan was, wait until later this month. L’wren came to me for a reason. God is real, karma is real, the devil is real, this is all happening for you to see it. Watch. Melanie know your place, you, your one nostril and methed out roach face need NEVER to forget the difference between me and you. You got slick, got your feelings hurt and ran off with your tail between your legs.

Frutti Don’t Give AF

Me looking at my last fuck given running into the night…Y’all niggas not gonna stress me out no more. If Mick wants to start fights over a photo of me and Jordan Barrett (who I wrote to saying he was too young for me to date, the irony) do you Michael, if no one wants to listen to me so now it’s seven vs. two to die because of rat face Melanie doing satanist deals, cool bro, if you don’t want to be saved and connect your energy to the Kardashian Jenner West family, quite frankly I don’t give a fuck. Do you, I’m taking a break from saving hoes with a mask and a cap; I have enough responsibility. When was the last time you were on your Blair Waldorf, walking out the store with a pair of glasses you stole, because you just had it? Via: Rock Roll Repeat