The Price Of Souls

“Well perhaps I let her believe I was a little more…angelic? But deep down, I think she knew. Greatness requires sacrifice. Who you sacrifice to matters less than what you sacrifice for. And in the end, she became what she wanted to be.’
“A martyr?”
“A legend.”
Addie shakes her head. “But the artists. Think of all they could have done. Don’t you mourn the loss?”
Luc’s face darkens…
“Of course I do,”he says. “But all great art comes with a cost.” He looks away. “You should know that. After all, we are both patrons, in our way.”

But when it’s late, and he is gone, and she is left to wander, the opera plays on, perfectly preserved inside the prism of her memory, and Addie wonders, softly, silently, if their souls were a fair price for such fine art.” Via: Doja Cat