Gleamin’s Vitamin C Clay Mask

A few weeks ago I spoke about stress breaking out my face, A Face Mask For Everyone. I’m use to having clear skin, but loss one of my daily products due to discontinuation. I tried to replace it with a Lush mask, Cosmetic Warrior, to no avail. Mind you this was a sold out product, I was expecting greatness. I loveeeeee Lush, so it hurts to say the mask wasn’t for me. Continuing my quest I found Gleamin’s Vitamin C Clay Mask. Rave reviews aren’t enough, I need to see testimonials by other black people before I try anything. With all the prerequisite boxes checked, I was sold. I made the purchase and it was life changing.
Using this product the inflammation (which I’ve never experienced before) stopped as soon as it touched my face, blemishes faded, my skin was glowing. With my tan dissipating time was of the essence. Within days my skin brightened, making this a permanent part of my beauty routine. For those who aren’t seeing results, remember SPF moisturizer is essential to get rid of hyperpigmentation. Otherwise the spots stay dark due to the sun. A lot of black people skip this step in their skin regiment. Also read the directions, how often you use it depends on the severity of your breakout.
Just FYI everyone, climate change affects your skin. The excessive heat, as this was the hottest year on record, caused my skin inflammation. Stay gorgeous, by saving the environment. The more you know. Via: Gleamin