Melanie Got A Reality Check

Imagine forcing yourself into a powerful family using black magic, to get L’wren to commit suicide and getting an old man who would never look at you, to date you with no consent. Just because he’s old doesn’t mean he deserves ugly, youth ain’t everything (also he looks better than people half his age, still has a full head of hair and is spry af). Then to bring a life into this world, again with no consent. She then proceeds to stalk someone from multiple accounts, who got the same man without dark forces, trying to defend what was never yours in the first place. This is the story of Melanie Hamrick, to be released later this month. Her ballet dreams were never coming true and through delusion she felt entitled, so she took. Now she must pay.

The first photo is when Melanie revealed herself as Veeeeefr, for the full story wait until later this month. She came to look at her photo after I caught her on a different account disrespecting L’wren Scott (fans, friends, family… I don’t give a fuck who you are, anyone aligned with her is going to join her in hell). She’d been following me for months, but until that point I thought Veeeefr was the Kardashian’s, because as stated before I didn’t pay attention to Melanie even at Mick’s urgings.

The next two pictures are the day she blocked me when I hit her with a reality check, Melanie cannot take being called ugly, which is the truth, this is why she’s hellbent on trapping an old man. Unlike the rest of us actually chosen by Mick Jagger, no one is checking for Melanie. She’s not interesting or hot, even with a legend on her arm. Looking at Rachel Hamrick, it runs in the family. Melanie, my loyal doggy blocked me, because she has 15 other accounts she’s stalking me on. She can’t leave, because she NEEDS my approval. Now we talk on her Come On Stimmy account. In an effort to disguise herself as Kanye West, she stereotyped black rappers. Too bad I have a brain and abilities dingbat.

The last photo is to show you how serious she was, this isn’t Halloween fun. This is the coven she led before I took the powers that weren’t naturally given to them. Some people are missing, but I have other pictures with them in it. I’m only here to wet your beak.

When you dance with the devil he drags you to hell. Time was of the essence, because Devereaux an innocent victim she bought into this world, had limited time to be saved. Hence why I urged people to honor L’wren, preventing the consequences from being so dire. As L’wren’s life was taken for this to be. The Jagger’s didn’t listen in time, forcing the universe to create an ultimatum: the seven children and their mother’s die, or Melanie and Devereaux go. This was the painful lesson the Jagger’s were to learn.

What you’re about to see is karma, Melanie cut a life short and her life will be cut short in return. Melanie created a seed from darkness and the seed is now a liability, with his DNA she could wipe out the entire family, without her coven (had I not intervened). If you want to know what her final plan was, wait until later this month. L’wren came to me for a reason. God is real, karma is real, the devil is real, this is all happening for you to see it. Watch. Melanie know your place, you, your one nostril and methed out roach face need NEVER to forget the difference between me and you. You got slick, got your feelings hurt and ran off with your tail between your legs.