Grow The Positive

Whatever you nurture is what you grow, make sure it’s the positive things like love, self-acceptance, happiness…Which of these pots do you typically water? Why? Where does it stem from?


Love And Sleeping Habits

The dream. Is this your current dating goal, or are you doing it for fun? Make sure you find someone who brings you peace, joy and happiness. Someone worth waking up to and falling asleep with every day and every night, you deserve it. Photo: The Man Frozen In Time

Expense Of Losing

You aren’t here for anybody else, be yourself. What’s your truth? What’s holding you back from it? I’ve released so many bonds to be me and honestly I FEEL good on the inside. Those ties weren’t worth keeping and my continuous state of joy proves it. Nothing is really lost at all. You can feel good too, you deserve it.

Path Of Deep Healing

Put in the work and true love and joy will abound. It can be scary to evolve, but it’s instrumental to your happiness. Are you taking care of yourself? How? Are you on the path of healing? Why not? Is this the best version of you? Start small, do something for the sake of self care (exercise, meditate, a long bath, journal…).

Goddess Is Within

Take your time, these things are integral to your happiness and inner peace. Don’t beat yourself up. Don’t distract yourself. You are worthy of healing. Are you taking the time to heal, grow and become, or avoiding the whole process?

Remember This:

It’s so funny, when I wrote about my decade, all it’s trials and tribulations, so many people who don’t know me were stunned. Oftentimes people judge you off superficial things, if they in turn are superficial. Plenty of people rely on external, materialistic things to define time. Those are usually the least fascinating kinds. I travelled, but it wasn’t all that composed me. I have the most insane, interesting experiences no matter where I go, because of who I am. The type of energy I emit, the type of energy I attract. So remember it’s the inside that counts and your goal should be happiness. What were the biggest experiences of your decade? Do you place more emphasis on the material and external to define you? What’s the correlation to your inner happiness? Photo: Olivia Steele

Grow Anyways

Nothing worth doing is easy. That’s why it feels so good once completed. Growing can be scary, it will rip you apart, it will make you face your traumas, flaws and ugliest bits of self. Take it from me it’s worth it, when you’re done you will know true happiness. Are you willing to face the depths of your darkness? Why or why not? Photo: House Of Leaders