Universal Downloads 2020

There are so many downloads coming in, many messages for many people. When your powers come from god (born with it), you listen and respect the boundaries. I am not to reveal anything, it is for you to navigate with the information I have given thus far. When they come from the devil there is no respect, just taking, but the devil always comes to collect. Always. Stay grounded, exercise to release negative energy stored in the body and meditate to stop the mind from controlling you. This will all strengthen your intuition to decipher energy, people lie, energy does not. Side-note: Are you wearing your mask? Via: Mue Studios

Path Of Deep Healing

Put in the work and true love and joy will abound. It can be scary to evolve, but it’s instrumental to your happiness. Are you taking care of yourself? How? Are you on the path of healing? Why not? Is this the best version of you? Start small, do something for the sake of self care (exercise, meditate, a long bath, journal…).