Step One Of Fixing The Patriarchy

“Destigmatizing male vulnerability is the first step toward rebuilding the absolute ruin that straight men have left the world in.”

Artist: Cale Blee

Doubles Portraits Impressive For Existing

“It might have sounded peculiar, but it was in seemingly mundane moments like those- when she told a white man something so basic about herself that made his eyes boggle out of his head- that she felt closest to all the Black people who were Black long before she was: all of the enslaved Black men and women who impressed white people with their reading abilities; all of the Black men and women who became doctors and lawyers and other things people said they couldn’t. Garrett Morgan, Marian Anderson, Diahann Carroll. Barack Obama. Her parents. Anyone who had impressed a white person simply by existing. Which, given the number of times Black people had been lynched and raped and beaten down over the last four hundred years, should have been every black person.Via: Michael Slusakowicz

Flowers Unable To Thrive

When a flower
fails to bloom
we do not chastise,
we ask ourselves why
it’s unable to thrive,
do all we can
to help it survive.
We’re patient, we’re kind
give it space
give it time.
Imagine then,
if we applied
the same love
and kindness
to you,
and to I
oh, my.

Photographer: Things Unsaid
Poem: Words By Catherine Prutton

Dance Of A Black Man

Dance of a Black Man is my tribute to the men in my life and their vulnerability, which is a strength that often goes unrecognized.

This body of work portrays the black male as an angel, soft yet powerful, with wings
that signify freedom and the ability to thrive.
Combatting narratives of violence, “Dance of a Black Man” instead reveals deep and beautiful humanity that isn’t always shown.

Using movement, drama, angelic
themes, and soft but vast landscapes, this project honors the black men – fathers, brothers, uncles, cousins, friends- who have pushed me towards life-changing experiences, shifting culture, and ultimately changing the world!”

Name five black men you’re grateful for. Can be anyone, artists, people you know…why do you appreciate them?

Artist: Breann White

Make A Career Of Humanity

It will enrich your spirit as nothing else can.
It will give you that rare sense of nobility that can only spring from love and selflessly helping your fellow man.
Make a career of humanity.

Make it a central part of your life.

Via: Diaspora Art