What’s Your New Label?

Breaking out of the labels society has limited you too is tough af. Still you have to abscond for you. You deserve it. Currently I’m escaping a lot of karmic mental blocks. It’s harder than I thought, didn’t even think I needed to. Souls are very powerful things, the contracts between them too. My new label is- you are free. Free from the binds that have followed me from past lives to this one, free for my ancestors, free from toxicity. Pick a label or create your own. You are…? Via: Created By Ginny

I Can Do Anything

If ever you feel down, like there’s something you can’t do, look to all the others who came before you.

This cover goes beyond the dreams of my ancestors, who came here in chains. Who freed themselves from chains. Who didn’t speak the language. The women who had their bodies invaded, creating the African American. To see the black aesthetic, finally, fully appreciated after being degraded and stolen from, is beautiful. Most of all it proves anything is possible. When you woke up you didn’t have to work in a field, you didn’t have to run for freedom hoping the dogs didn’t pick up your scent.