A Man Who Doesn’t Cry

You shouldn’t either. Vulnerability is strength. We need to stop teaching boys that emoting is weak, but violence is a-okay. Don’t limit someone’s humanity by restricting their feelings.
People cry, as they should, because life can be insanely sad: death, heartbreaks, headaches, depression, betrayal, loss, stress…Crying heals, cleanses, releases. Do not make men swallow their pain, let it build up, boil over in rage. Artist: Eric Stefanski

Being A Woman Is Painful & Powerful

Standing up for myself rather than tolerate abuse,
accept it as love,
is seen as stubborn and not a stance to be treated as human.

Poet: E.L.Withem

It’s Not Unmanly To Struggle

Dear men,
You are human meaning you are allowed to be vulnerable, struggle and share your emotions. We need to stop telling you to man up. We are all apart of creating and perpetuating toxic masculinity. We’re sorry, feel free to be without our gender restraints. Let’s dismantle this together. How have you taken part in the cycle? How will you help end it? Via: Furthur_Coaching

Stop Policing Women

Women literally get treated like shit, it wasn’t always like this though. Once upon a time we were respected for our divinity, portals between worlds. Now in this patriarchal society we are demeaned and those of us who refuse are punished.

STOP forcing women to be subhumans to the old white men who make up our government. They are the problem with society. No one’s right’s really matter as long as they benefit from it. Women should have options of what to do, no matter what anyone else believes. You expect us to finance a forced family when we still aren’t paid equally for the same jobs? God forbid with the ever growing class chasm, the person needs government assistance (because the minimum wage isn’t a livable one) and is chastised as a bum.

Let’s not forget the mental wellness of the parent and the unwanted child, the emotional distress too. A vicious cycle of a loveless life. It’s none of your fucking business that someone doesn’t want a child. Are you going to fund them Supreme Court? Keep mistreating women, see what happens. Via: Matt Zhaig