Stop Policing Women

Women literally get treated like shit, it wasn’t always like this though. Once upon a time we were respected for our divinity, portals between worlds. Now in this patriarchal society we are demeaned and those of us who refuse are punished. For instance a known womanizer treating you horribly, pretending to have heart surgery to take financial control, amongst other things, leaves you in a horrible situation, refuses to make up for it, but expects you to care about his emotions. And everyone just sits back, after all you’ve done for them, from getting a pedophile page removed, to saving their lives from a dark evil person planning on killing them. Mick Jagger wanted to treat me terribly (once he was my hero until he got insecure) and is punishing me for not allowing it. I thought he was misunderstood, but now I know he’s just a shitty person, a cancer in my life. I no longer even tag him, because he’s dead to me. When someone shows you their true colors don’t repaint them.

STOP forcing women to be subhumans to the old white men who make up our government. They are the problem with society. No one’s right’s really matter as long as they benefit from it. Women should have options of what to do, no matter what anyone else believes. You expect us to finance a forced family when we still aren’t paid equally for the same jobs? God forbid with the ever growing class chasm, the person needs government assistance (because the minimum wage isn’t a livable one) and is chastised as a bum.

Let’s not forget the mental wellness of the parent and the unwanted child, the emotional distress too. A vicious cycle of a loveless life. It’s none of your fucking business that someone doesn’t want a child. Are you going to fund them Supreme Court? Keep mistreating women, see what happens. Via: Matt Zhaig