Blacktopia Detroit 3000 “Hair Wars”

Artist Tylonn J Sawyer displays futuristic Detroit, his home, if it were to go from a dilapidated city to a thriving one. Here he gives us his rendition of hair wars, a cultural pillar in the black community. “Hair wars started in the nightclubs of Detroit in 1985 as an informal stage show for local hairstylists to display their hair creations and show off their skills. Legendary DJ David Humphries, aka ‘Hump The Grinder,’ conceptualized ‘Hair Wars’ as one of gimmick parties to keep things interesting in the clubs. What began as a four week hair promotion, has lasted 1015 years!”

A beautiful curation. I will def be featuring this artist again. Which style is your favorite? Artist: Tylonn J. Sawyer

How To Navigate CPT

Thank God it’s Friday, yay! It’s so funny, as I was making plans with my friend for tomorrow she asked what time we should meet. My response, “We’re black let’s be realistic.” Colored people time is real, it’s like we have an innate clock though, why? Every time I’m meeting up with other black people we’re both the same amount of late. It’s fucking crazy. We’ll be like let’s meet at 3:30pm, then we’ll message each other like oh I’m late by 25 minutes and it’s always the same time I’m running late, neither of us left waiting. It’s honestly the white friends who keep me on time when hanging out, due to the level of anxiety they add. Are you getting ready now? I’m headed out the door, I’m on the train platform…nigga. The best solution is to do like I did for my birthday at Miss Lily’s, lie about the time by a half hour minimum of when you actually want us to arrive. You’re welcome.
My friend and I showed up to Joanna’s wedding on time mad proud and we were damn late. All the seats taken except two, a mess. Our differences is what makes us all fit like puzzle pieces. What are you doing this weekend? Play as hard as you work. Artist: Tian Harris Creations

Different Dangling Faces

“I had worn my mask for so long, and here was my opportunity to take it off, safely. I had stumbled to this action instinctively, out of a feeling that was not unique to me. I cannot be the only one who believes that if others just saw who I really was, then I would be understood and, perhaps, loved. But what would happen if one took off the mask and the other saw one not with love but with horror, disgust, and anger? What if the self that one exposes is as unpleasing to others as the mask, or even worse?” -The Sympathizer

Artist: Alagbe Kehinde Festus

Metamorphosis By Ian Mwesiga

Ugandan artist Ian Mwesiga’s work is rooted in the human psyche, his own and that of his subjects. Using windows in many of his pieces as a gateway into their lives. The proportions and placement of his characters within their landscape, reveal their psychological world to the viewer. Or rather it makes you question what that is. You can’t help but wonder what his characters are thinking (the nearly naked woman in painting two, the man by the pool in painting four, his inner world magnified by his reflection in the water, as well as his shadow), looking at (specifically the young women in paintings three and eight, using lenses via the camera with the man in painting two, or sunglasses, the woman in painting seven to enhance audience curiosity), or feel.

Finding inspiration in historical black and white photos (his creations mirroring his creative process in painting one), his pieces are a “negotiation between the future and the past.” In more ways than one, as we’re left to wonder where did these people come from, where are they going?

Mwesiga’s regards his work as a metamorphosis via introspection, “why am I doing this, why is it important?” As an exercise in self-questioning he use to paint portraits blindfolded to answer said questions, by seeing what emerges from within.

A brilliant, erudite artist who uses moody colors as an homage to oil painting masters before him, and to complement the dark skin of his figures. Everything is conscientious, created with purpose. Phenomenal. Which piece is your favorite? Artist: Ian Mwesiga

Creating An Abundant Mindset

When we trust that we live in an abundant universe and allow ourselves to give freely, we raise our frequency, strengthen our faith, and feel awesome, thereby putting ourselves in flow and the position to receive abundant amounts in return.

When we’re in fear, we hold on to what we’ve got because we don’t trust that there’s more. We pinch off the energy, we’re scared to share, and we focus on, and create more or, the very thing we’re hoping to avoid, which is lack.

Artist: “Energy” Aaronya Paintss

Recess By Brent Mckeever

Usually I would do an analysis of the artist voice through their work, but Brent Mckeever is still finding his beyond the subject. I love his oversaturated aesthetic, this is obvious talent that hasn’t figured out how he wants to shape the world through the lens yet, what he wants to tell us that hasn’t been seen, or done that way before, but when he does it will be spectacular. For now he photographs his friends, plays with stereotypes and gives us a look inside his world. “I like to juxtapose a lot of the bright colors and childlike aesthetics with a very gritty and adult take on things.” Evident in his work here, Recess depicts students doing drugs and sexual acts during school hours. I just feel that he will transcend and show us something different and beyond our expectations as his experiences gather range. The chemical reaction when he digs deeper and goes beyond his bubble, now that will be something to see. Photographer: Brent Mckeever

Got A Golden Skull

Lying here your plant looks tall
With light shining through
Remembering a runner’s way
A look in your eye

Could you be the psychic one staring me through
Though we may whisper calm
My head spins with truth

Artist: Lindsay Bri Adams