How To Navigate CPT

Thank God it’s Friday, yay! It’s so funny, as I was making plans with my friend for tomorrow she asked what time we should meet. My response, “We’re black let’s be realistic.” Colored people time is real, it’s like we have an innate clock though, why? Every time I’m meeting up with other black people we’re both the same amount of late. It’s fucking crazy. We’ll be like let’s meet at 3:30pm, then we’ll message each other like oh I’m late by 25 minutes and it’s always the same time I’m running late, neither of us left waiting. It’s honestly the white friends who keep me on time when hanging out, due to the level of anxiety they add. Are you getting ready now? I’m headed out the door, I’m on the train platform…nigga. The best solution is to do like I did for my birthday at Miss Lily’s, lie about the time by a half hour minimum of when you actually want us to arrive. You’re welcome.
My friend and I showed up to Joanna’s wedding on time mad proud and we were damn late. All the seats taken except two, a mess. Our differences is what makes us all fit like puzzle pieces. What are you doing this weekend? Play as hard as you work. Artist: Tian Harris Creations