Blacktopia Detroit 3000 “Hair Wars”

Artist Tylonn J Sawyer displays futuristic Detroit, his home, if it were to go from a dilapidated city to a thriving one. Here he gives us his rendition of hair wars, a cultural pillar in the black community. “Hair wars started in the nightclubs of Detroit in 1985 as an informal stage show for local hairstylists to display their hair creations and show off their skills. Legendary DJ David Humphries, aka ‘Hump The Grinder,’ conceptualized ‘Hair Wars’ as one of gimmick parties to keep things interesting in the clubs. What began as a four week hair promotion, has lasted 1015 years!”

A beautiful curation. I will def be featuring this artist again. Which style is your favorite? Artist: Tylonn J. Sawyer

Breann White

“The world is inspired by our natural hair, full lips and bodies and melanin, so I want everyone to recognize the beauty in being black.” In this series Detroit photographer Breann White, uses white space to accentuate the black allure, whilst showcasing the genetic rainbow. Photos: Breann White