Think Of Your Life Like A Book

Push past your fears. Think of your life like a book, be bold, be brave, take the chance. Are you living in a manner that’s worth turning the page, or are we closing the book of boredom? Via: Her Prerogative Official

You Fail One Hundred Percent Not Trying

Failing is how you learn to perfect a craft, in fact it’s how we learn anything at all. Don’t be afraid to fall, everyone does, it’s about getting up and trying at all. At least trying you have a 50% chance of succeeding, whereas not attempting you fail 100%. Be brave, be bold. You’re only here once, have fun. Enjoy small progressions and if it’s not for you, good, you’re closer to finding your purpose. Tackle one thing you fear this week, track your progress from day 1 to day 7. There’s no way you didn’t get better. Via:Monknotion

Jump Or Stay Stagnant

Comfort zones kill.
Do you want to stay stagnant all your [one] life?

Every year for my birthday since I was 25 I choose one life changing jump, no matter what I do it. Them’s the rule.

Via: Thinking Minds Page

What’s Your Mindset: Fixed Or Growth?

Fixed mindsets belong to the people who say “Well that’s just how I am.” Those people tend to be deeply unhappy and stagnant in multiple areas of life. Grow, grow, grow, get out of your comfort zone, push yourself, risk something, evolve. I promise you it will take you on adventures of a lifetime. You only live once don’t end up on your deathbed teeming with regret.
Typically I don’t jive with fixed mindsets their myopic views irritate me, endeavoring to bring me down to their level instead of rising up to meet the challenge. Which are you? How does it correlate to your joy and mental wellness? Want to break the cycle, try learning a new skill. Via: The Mind Supply

Mark Tennant

The blurred out faces give the sense that it can be you, or anyone you know. It’s fascinating that he manages to bring structure and form out of what seems unfinished, due to the strokes being so prominent in his pieces. Yet it’s that exact technique that create the details, the wall behind the man smoking a cigarette, those strokes give shadow and depth to the painting. He perfectly captures the YOLO, entitlement, boundary breaking, privilege of white America. Well done.

When It’s Over

As scary as it can be to express your inner most desires, people who are near death regret the things they didn’t say. Are you going to be one of those people? Paralyzed by fear. Is there someone you need to say this to? Photo: Lovers And Drifters

Dating A Coke Dealer (2/5)

There was nothing serious for me about this relationship. Hello, he’s a drug dealer, I mean…duh. As a writer and a YOLO advocate I love experiencing as much as possible. My friend wanted me to keep seeing him for the free party favors. I’d been there done that, but all of this was new for her. When I found out I did E (which I hadn’t done since 18) on top of everything else, I was impressed. I still got it. Cara would have had a heart attack, but I was a connoisseur and a rockstar.

We were suppose to go to lunch on Monday when he vanished. It was abrupt. I was convinced my ex boss got rid of him, as he had countless others. Cara decided to use a text free number, she wanted to hang on Halloween. Indifferent, I didn’t mind not seeing him again.

“Meet me at Verlaine 8pm sharp.”
“Who the hell is this?” He replied.
“Sir, we have business to attend to, just meet me there.”
“I don’t know what you’re talking about and I don’t have messages from you prior. Fuck Outta here.”

He started messaging me again saying my former boss had nothing to do with his disappearance, he was just self-absorbed. Cara took it upon herself to message him using her real identity, without my permission, asking him about it. We met up for my friend Denise’s birthday. Boy did things take a turn. I won’t go into the full details of that epic night. The one where I was reborn, but it ended with Denise discovering he had a girlfriend of five years that he lived with. This is what she told me as he sat between us, at some private party at the Soho Grand.

“Yeah I live with my girlfriend, but I’m courting your friend.”
A cheater AND a liar. I informed him I don’t hook up with taken men.

“By the way that was me and Cara messaging you about Verlaine,” I too had secrets.
“That was you?”
“Now I know why you were ignoring me.”
He just gawked astonished.

The next day he messaged me he left her and moved out.

I was irritated beyond belief. I called Denise, cursing her for not keeping the information until after I boned him. Now he was changing his life with the delusion of a happy ending that would never come. He messaged me everyday multiple times a day. He was obsessed.

“Let’s meet up for dinner, or you can come to my place and we can order in?”