What’s Your Mindset: Fixed Or Growth?

Fixed mindsets belong to the people who say “Well that’s just how I am.” Those people tend to be deeply unhappy and stagnant in multiple areas of life. Grow, grow, grow, get out of your comfort zone, push yourself, risk something, evolve. I promise you it will take you on adventures of a lifetime. You only live once don’t end up on your deathbed teeming with regret.
Typically I don’t jive with fixed mindsets their myopic views irritate me, endeavoring to bring me down to their level instead of rising up to meet the challenge. Which are you? How does it correlate to your joy and mental wellness? Want to break the cycle, try learning a new skill. Via: The Mind Supply

Activate Your Happiness

Some self-care aids for those who may be suffering from down periods. Totally normal, here are some ways to activate happiness chemicals without self-medicating. Which chemical do you need to stimulate today? Pick one way to do it. Via: Mind Supply