Prioritize Emotional Safety

Safety was never essential on my quest for true love, until my last relationship. Dating Mick Jagger was overall a nightmare. I have never felt so unsafe, scared, miserable, as I did with him when he tried to force me to accept his abuse. The level of cruelty he has is in the 1% of human history. This is a man who has no regard for human life and due to his psychopathy, he will never change. After him safety has become my priority, it encompasses and umbrellas so many other things. Someone who makes you feel safe won’t dehumanize you, abuse you, betray you, stalk and harass you. If someone isn’t making you feel this way, it’s not love. Stop attributing toxic behaviors with its opposite emotion, love isn’t at all these negative traits, it’s not repainting horrible people. Make sure be it with friends, family, or lovers that you are the above image, if not cut them off, or set up boundaries. Also make sure you provide the same support. Via: Monknotion

You Fail One Hundred Percent Not Trying

Failing is how you learn to perfect a craft, in fact it’s how we learn anything at all. Don’t be afraid to fall, everyone does, it’s about getting up and trying at all. At least trying you have a 50% chance of succeeding, whereas not attempting you fail 100%. Be brave, be bold. You’re only here once, have fun. Enjoy small progressions and if it’s not for you, good, you’re closer to finding your purpose. Tackle one thing you fear this week, track your progress from day 1 to day 7. There’s no way you didn’t get better. Via:Monknotion