Latinx And Hispanic Heritage Month

It’s LatinX and Hispanic Heritage Month, to help you celebrate here’s the difference between the two. Especially for ignorant and racist whites. The sad truth is they think everyone is Mexican. As soon as someone starts speaking Spanish, no matter their complexion, they consider you the help. From Clueless to Arrested Development, these sentiments are opined in pop culture. This is America. It’s black and white polarity, smudging out all in between. Except harmony isn’t achieved with one note. Celebrate different cultures, immerse yourself in the depth it adds to humanity, the color, the flavor. Life would be bland otherwise. Via: Impact

Black Women Equal Pay Day

Fuck you. Pay me. Don’t talk about women wouldn’t date you if you were broke, instead advocate for equal pay, especially for black women. Again origins of humanity, you mad about that?

Via: Impact

Make A Dance Addison Rae…

But just like your culture vulture friends, the Kardashian’s, you can’t. This is why I only use Facebook and Instagram, Tik Tok is problematic and stupid.

You guys (Kartrashians) try to jack my swag, yet have the nerve to fix those filler lips to call my boyfriend a slave master. Someone who has credited the black community and donated to causes before it was a movement to save your image. Right Alexa Chung? When I called them out on your wall for disrespecting him it was funny, but your basic British ass has NO problem using his kids to get backstage. Just like the rest of your social climbing user clique. You want pictures with legends and clout. You’re so rock n’ roll, yet none of you even know what it means.


You guys want to act like black people are beneath you, but we create everything and built this country, we are the origins of humanity. Either respect us, or stop stealing our shit, because I’m not having it. The only subhumans are the ones who exhibit this savage behavior and those who are complicit. Can you name other examples of appropriation and non credit to black people? Via: Impact