Sometimes Time Is Of The Essence

This is how connected I am with the universe. For years now it will confirm, speak of my present situation, or the future on my explore page. It’s a great guide, I’m thankful for it. Now Melanie Hamrick, her coven and the Kardashian’s have practiced some of the darkest magic. The devil’s come to collect them and their peers in the worst way, it’s all a matter of timing. After L’wren Scott came to me I urged everyone to honor her. I myself was told the same, which started my exposing a voodooer. When the dead request respect you better damn well honor them, that’s why I did my part. It’s also why you don’t build on burial ground, or ransack graves. Without L’wren’s tragic end a brighter future wouldn’t be in place (you all will see in due time), I told this to the Jagger clan, who filled with ego did not listen in time. As you can see these cards and more have revealed the Hamrick’s true nature and because it wasn’t done on their part in time, the future has shifted for greater consequences to be had. They will now learn this lesson through pain I tried to prevent.

Although my abilities are greater and I am wiser, I humble myself to the universe always for this reason. You would do wise to lose an ego, especially when dealing with the spiritual realm, it prevents you from seeing the boundaries, or consequences. Pay attention when I speak and pay attention for what’s to come, that’s why I’m telling you. What was the greatest lessons you learned through pain? Via: Disappoointeed