The Feminism Of Griselda Blanco

At one point growing up I became obsessed with Griselda Blanco. In general I’m fascinated with drug lords and gangsters, possessing an extensive knowledge. Aren’t we all? It’s intriguing to see different lifestyles, colorful characters. I don’t support evil, but Griselda is one of my feminist icons. Why? She rose in a violent male dominated industry to be the sole female drug lord to ever exist. That’s a boss bitch. In a world shaped to and for the patriarchy, fueled by misogyny, Griselda Blanco shattered stereotypes. She played like the boys, fucked like the boys, killed like the boys, outsmarted the boys. It’s the same reason I love the author Gillian Flynn, who showcases the full spectrum of women in her characters. Not this subservient mold we’re punished for breaking. Women can be ruthless, bloodthirsty, not fair airheads with no ambition. We can be anything, because we’re human. Human, not objects. Human, not a political playground.

My mom told me to get a gun when I dabbled in real estate, I told her she was overreacting. This is a woman who thinks the world is in constant apocalypse. However I agreed, after she shared stories of women being raped, or robbed during showings. It is just you and the client walking through the space.
The call ended upon my saying I’d get a license to carry arms. Five minutes later she called me back, asking if I’d actually shoot someone. I responded yes, if it’s me or them. This not Sesame Street, if it’s a life or death situation it ain’t gonna be me ma, the f*ck she talking about.
Changing her mind, she insisted I remain unarmed.
Then there was my co-worker Lorelei who chose me as her partner if we were in The Walking Dead’s zombie apocalypse. The question amongst us being which colleague would you pick if such were the case. I was honored, not only because she’s a tough Jersey bitch, but trusted me for survival. An essence I got from Griselda. That when and if necessary be a stony bitch, or they (especially men who find us emotional wrecks so we can’t be president) won’t respect you. Which has been proven time after time.

I can assure you, I may look doe eyed like Bambi, but once you get me to a point I’m vicious. Now you’re going to see. I don’t give a fuck, don’t fucking fuck with me. I’m a compassionate person, until I’m not. I am not your mammy, I’m your blessing or your curse. Love always Athena, Queen of witches. Don’t let stories written by men deter you from being a boss bitch, trying to force you to be Eve by demonizing Lilith. Those stories are guides not to be literal, but contextual. Who do you need to put in their place? Via: PureBlanco_ Brand