Two Substitutes For Sugar In Your Coffee

Processed sugar is more addictive than cocaine. That’s an actual fact (Google it). It’s easily accessible, creates an acidic body (prime breeding ground for disease) and linked to depression. I cut it out years ago. My baby sister has brain cancer, causing an obsession with getting as close to an alkaline body as possible. I removed additive sugar, quit smoking Marlboro Gold Lights, stopped drinking soda (unless it’s a mixer, ginger ale is medicine so it doesn’t count), stopped eating processed and fast food.

Two cups of coffee a day, keeps my bitchy side at bay. I had to find a replacement for Raw packets, so I switched to honey and once in a blue moon, maple syrup. You should definitely try it, both are surprisingly sumptuous (especially the former with milk). Keep track of how much sugar you consume daily, read the labels. Via: Spa Thumpa