Sativa Versus Indica An Education

I smoke whatever I’m in the mood for, but for those of you who don’t know the difference between sativa and indica here goes. Sativa stimulates, it increases energy, increases focus, eases depression, its light green in color, long and best used during the day, a mind high, and good for fighting anxiety.

Whereas, indica is a body high, higher CBD (while the former is higher THC), dark green in color, bushy, short, best nighttime because it relaxes, eases nausea, stimulates appetite, relaxes muscles, acts as a sedative and relieves pain. It’s a cute little sleep aid.

Then of course there’s the hybrid, but we won’t get into that. There are copious marijuana strains, all falling under either, or, hybrids a mix of both. Find what works for you, and when it works for you. Via: ArtBy_Mozart