Life Aquatic With Ashley Stark

Elegant, aquatic and sophisticated. The neatly cluttered bookshelves bring life to the room, despite being empty of people. The muted carpet brings the cacophony of colors (the couch, the table and the throw pillows) together marvelously. Can you pinpoint the aquatic elements of the room? Subtle, but themed consciously.

Beyoncé 2020 Forecast Is Spot On

Beyoncé’s facial expressions for 2020 thus far…accurate.
January: Something’s up.
February: What happened in China? It’s traveling where?
March: Aw hell naw.

Based on April it looks like there’s some hope, things are still awry but getting better. May leaves me optimistic. Did she nail the vibe or what? Via: BeyCarter81

Books By Johan Deckmann

This genuinely cracked me up. The horrible habits of humans, sociologically and psychologically. Absolute genius. Which book are you reading today?

Glitter And Pearls

A fun thing to do while quarantined is play with some looks. Dress up just for fun, there are so many creative things to do. Boredom is the world’s way of telling you to exercise your imagination, by using it. Which look do you want to recreate? I personally want to put multi-colored gems on my face. In reality I’m going to try a Sharon Tate eye, wish me luck. xx Photos: R29 Unbothered, Sicky Magazine, Haute Punch Magazine and Imirage Magazine.