From The George Condo Archives

Divine, absolutely divine. The artwork as the focal point (as it should be), properly enhanced without being overshadowed. Everything is accessorized perfectly, the color scheme of the chairs, drapes and carpet. The leopard print adding texture and depth to the room. A George Condo done justice, simple and conscious interior design. Do you dig it tho?

Life Aquatic With Ashley Stark

Elegant, aquatic and sophisticated. The neatly cluttered bookshelves bring life to the room, despite being empty of people. The muted carpet brings the cacophony of colors (the couch, the table and the throw pillows) together marvelously. Can you pinpoint the aquatic elements of the room? Subtle, but themed consciously.

Meet Me Under The Feather Tree

Which interior design, centered around this lovely feather tree, do you prefer? I like both, but the second one has more depth. Photos: A Modern Grand Tour