Things I Send To Melanie Hamrick

As everyone knows Melanie Hamrick has and continues to stalk me. From multiple accounts. Everyday. These are the things I send her. Does it deter her? No. She wants me to like her, she needs my approval. She needs to be cool and beautiful, which she’ll feel with my validation. I don’t do murder, rape, and evil. Sorry not sorry. It’s never going to happen. I will also be posting L’Wren Scott’s nice ass next hers. Point being L’Wren, like me, has one. These are semi nudes I sent to Mick Jagger. He will NEVER receive anything from me again, so enjoy. Just like Julia Fox, my ass is real. Kanye didn’t change her life, I did. Kanye used her as a pawn (read article: East Side Middle School Alumni , I’ve known Julia since she was in second grade) thinking he’d kill two birds with one stone in an attempt to upset both me and Kim Kardashian. Didn’t work. Kim was smart enough to follow my lead, from claiming emotional distress to her response to Julia, too bad they took it too far. I’d reward her.

I will always and forever stand with L’Wren Scott. Dead or alive. Melanie is deformed, desperate, not attractive and a weirdo. Too bad Mick’s toxic family didn’t do the same.