Good Riddance Mick Jagger

Do I miss an old man who abused me me with twenty kids, all psychopaths, all racists, all mediocre, a bunch of idiot baby mama’s, including someone who murdered L’wren Scott after stalking her, then raping a psychopath abuser? NOPE. Deuces old nigga, you and your teeth. I loved him, I don’t love him anymore. Why would I? Can’t stand him. He’s not use to someone putting up boundaries after his abuse. I’m the first person to permanently walk away from this pedophile. He’s a terrible person, morally bankrupt corrupt and extremely abusive. I requested a permanent restraining order on top of everything else. He has ZERO leverage legally.
He’s lucky I wasn’t using him and genuinely adored him. He’ a headache and a pain in the ass. I’ll take the property and the money thanks. I’m getting the most out of him and didn’t even need a baby. His legacy is over, he’s useless, he’s about to lose everything and the Jagger line will be no more. Everything I said is happening.

Once upon a time I didn’t know how I would survive in a world where Mick Jagger died, now I’m like good riddance. The saddest part is he thinks he’s making me jealous, no one cares about that ugly bitch. That’s why you held me hostage, I have options she doesn’t.

Like how many lies can they tell? How many times has Melanie deformed faced Hamrick said they’re engaged? Now he’s making it clear they aren’t, because she pays to have articles written (read Melanie Hamrick Writes Her Own Articles), so does he. He’s also making it clear, because he’s seeing other women.
Gee, what do I want the wealth, properties, with my own family, after having fun as an eligible bachelorette, or the old man who abuses people sans remorse, with the baggage of a family I don’t want, who enslaved me then tried to falsely incarcerate me, after saving their lives? All of them facing prison time, before hell…gee it’s super hard. Which one? You’re a joke, a desperate joke that I no longer respect. You’re a loser like Melanie, because you’re the company you keep. Do you know how dumb you look? She wishes she could have the deal I’m getting. All she sees are pleas, now get to work, you have money to make me and my attorney. Chop chop Brenda you bitch. Via: Jaquana Cornelius & The Independent