Melanie Hamrick Is Delusional And Ugly

Let’s talk about delusion. Melanie ugly ass Hamrick, thought because she has the same features as Daisy Edgar Jones, they looked alike. As you can see from these side by sides, Daisy’s beauty limns Melanie’s lack of. Melanie’s eyes are ugly and close together, gaunt circles underneath them. Daisy’s are large and doe like. Melanie’s nose is hooked, missing a piece of nostril, and on the opposite side having extra skin on the nasal passage. Melanie has paper thin lips, to Daisy’s full ones. Melanie’s chin like her nose is uneven. Daisy is beautiful, which is why she has a career, Melanie is ugly, which is why she doesn’t.

Melanie has been a nobody her whole life, never the star dancer, never sexy, had one boyfriend she dumped to rape Mick Jagger (even with a legend she’s still a nobody), and killed L’Wren Scott (read: Single White FeMel(anie Hamrick). L’Wren who was a socialite, gorgeous, successful. Melanie who stalked her, tried to be her in photos and used the full moon to perform a satanic ceremony with her coven to get L’Wren to kill herself (read: Melanie Hamrick And The Full Moon). Superficial Mick Jagger, the psychopath, obsessed with beautiful objects, would never choose her. Which is why she tried to get my evidence removed.

Why would I join this freak show family? Pedophilia, racism, mental instability, psychopathy, soulless, with a murderer, rapist, stalker involved. Every person Mick has been tied to has been tied to other powerful people, except delusional, ugly, talentless, Melanie Hamrick. She’s a loser, which is why she did what she did. You sold your soul and still can’t sit with us, the beautiful people. Don’t ever disrespect Daisy or L’Wren again. Ugly bitch. Ps soon you’ll see where this is coming from, it’s not time yet. It involves the movie star who saved me, who she’s been stalking for over a year. Via: Daisy Source