Ghosting Lessons

I ghosted someone once, the friend of a friend. We went on a date and he bored the hell out of me. When he messaged for a second go I didn’t respond. Of course I saw him at the next house party where he confronted me, making me look like the total asshole I was. I just felt so bad. How do you tell someone staring at paint dry is more entertaining than wining and dining with them? God that party was awkward. Ghosting isn’t nice, but sometimes necessary; the biggest lesson was don’t do it to someone with whom you share a mutual best friend. Have you ever ghosted? Why? Have you ever been ghosted? Via: Dartness

To Be Treated Right

Respect is a requirement.
Anyone who makes you feel bad for wanting to be treated properly isn’t someone who belongs in your life. Before a trip to Paris I allowed people I grew up with to mistreat me, feeling that years equated to undying loyalty. On multiple occasions I’ve given them the opportunity to prove they can change, but again they took my kindness for weakness and continued to exhibit poor behavior. If someone genuinely cares about you this won’t be a problem. If it is, have enough self-love to walk away.

No matter who the person is, they’re not entitled to degrade you for their empowerment. Not family. Not friends. Not employers, or co-workers. Not unscrupulous celebrities. I have every right to defend myself against those who’ve picked on me, antagonized me, been complicit, told lies about me, back racist to spite even though they profit off injustice (your karma will come), lied on me…I did NOTHING wrong, they did. I will give the same energy, showing no mercy. Are there people making you feel bad for asking to be treated properly? Artist: The Female Warhol

Taking Out The Trash

The only people who should worry about the acquittal are the ones who think they scored a victory and that’s before they are sent to hell. I find it funny when people think they’ve escaped when all they’ve done is worsen their fate. At first it was going to be your whole party, but seven are safe now is all I see. You’ve won nothing, it would have been your best bet. There is worst to come, you haven’t seen anything yet. The longer karma takes the worst it will be. Good luck.
P.s: please stop posting you have black friends when you were siding with my first round of trolls, all that means is you really don’t respect the people you claim to love. I have noted EVERYONE, even if I haven’t interacted with you it means nothing. You will still pay. Photo: Rihanna’s Instagram

Alton Mason As Little Richard

Male model of the year Alton Mason will star in Elvis biopic as Little Richard. Sometimes I won’t acknowledge a passing if it’s too heart wrenching. I always wanted to meet Little Richard, get read and told to shut up. A rock legend, fabulous, flamboyant and stylish af. Can’t wait for this film. What’s your favorite song of his? Via: Alton Mason’s Instagram

This Ones For Nippy

Yesterday marked the 9th anniversary of a legend passing in tragic circumstances, her daughter Bobbi Kristina following shortly after. One of the greatest voices to ever grace the world stage with a big personality to boot,Whitney Houston was fascinating, funny, talented and beautiful. Even in her descent she was captivating. Cinderella starring her and Brandy is now streaming on Disney Plus, do yourself a favor and watch this classic. What’s your favorite Whitney Houston piece? Via: Throwback Buzz & L’officiel USA

Conditional Happiness

Tons of people root for you, but don’t want you to do better than them. Even if I don’t say anything I KNOW the difference and who in my life falls into this category. Definitely take note of people like this and act accordingly. Don’t comfort them by living up to their standards and down in yours. Are you someone who is happy for others under your conditions? Are there people in your life doing this to you? Via: Meet Life 240

Iconic Black TV Daddy’s

Which iconic black daddy taught you the most? It’s Uncle Phil (James Avery) for me. I cried when he passed, because he taught us lessons the way he taught them kids. Between Bernie Mac, Sherman Hemsley and Damon Wayans I can’t tell which is about the most B.S. Which TV dad is your favorite? Why? Via: Dakota Monroe 26

Black Female Songwriters

Appreciation post to the talented ladies behind huge hits. Keri Hilson isn’t mentioned, as careless as she can be here are some of the songs she’s written:
“Gimme More” by Britney Spears
“Wait A Minute” by The Pussycat Dolls
“Ice Box” by Omarion

Side note shout out to Kandi Burruss for being a renaissance woman; every time I turn my head she’s doing something like winning The Masked Singer, snatching up roles (The Chi ), in a major commercial and still has time to be housewife of Atlanta (to name a few of her many projects). She never ceases to amaze. Which writer resonates with your music taste the most? Creator: Ladies And The Tunes

SLC Housewives: A Bright Spot

Just in case you missed it, because the 10pm time slot was too late. A bright spot during both the first and second wave of the pandemic was the latest addition to the housewives franchise, Salt Lake City. Heartbroken that it’s already over, but super excited for this three part reunion. These fiery ladies were the perfect cast. Everyone played their part and for that I salute you. Thank you for the laughter. Here are some amazing contributions from the above queens:

-I’m not engaging, I’m disengaging.
-Thumbs up, another way to say fuck you.
-You smell like hospital.
-Jen Shah isn’t acting, in fact she’s quite possibly hiding her full spectrum of crazy.
-Maybe it’s cause I’m a New Yorker and mask have been on the scene before Covid, but I loved Meredith’s mask that doubled as a necklace. Major. Just when you thought the over the top sleeves of her pink birthday dress was it.
-Whitney’s mask imitating Meredith’s mask, hilarious.
-The trip to Vegas doing the exact opposite of it’s kumbaya objective, it couldn’t have gone any more left.
-Mary Cosby’s war against her son’s girlfriend.
-Lisa Barlow having a heart of gold after being pegged the cast villan.
-Whitney being messy at the birthday.
-Heather Gay owning her desires, she likes em dumb with a criminal record.
– Vaulter and the Met Gala luncheon.

And so much more. Stellar job ladies. Perfection was attained. I’ve watched every episode twice, the second time to process what I saw the first time. Did you watch? What’s your favorite moment? Via: Housewives Addicted

Women Are Worthy

Dear docile women, you need this. It seems you don’t know your worth beyond being the whim of someone else’s fancy. Ever notice they don’t stick around long, despite your bending over backwards to suit their needs? If you don’t value you no one else will, you’ll attract people looking to break you. Having a voice and standing for something is attractive, stop co-signing archaic traits of what women are suppose to be. Have a blessed day. Do you shrink yourself for the love and approval? Via Sheerahr & Foxwood Drive