Adulting Expectations Vs. Reality

Just a reminder, being an adult might be…different than you imagined. Do it to the best of your ability, everyone has a different path. Don’t psych yourself out by comparing your journey to others, just learn the lessons designed specifically for you to reach your goals and fulfill your purpose. Social media continuously showcasing false narratives makes it easier said than done, ignore the noise. Everything isn’t as it seems, take those “perfect” people with a grain of salt. What’s a reality of adulthood that’s different than you expected (love life, career, social life, family…)? Artist: Nina Cosford

Six Lessons From Someone’s Twenties

I didn’t write this, but every lesson hits. The sooner you learn it the more fulfilled your life will be. Although I must admit I never cared about being liked, most people as I’ve proven, aren’t the brightest which I find irritating. Spare me your company if it’s lackluster please. Which lesson resonates with you the most? What can you add? I would say: set boundaries no matter how long you’ve known someone and don’t dim your light to fit in, even if it mean’s outgrowing others. Via: Mental Health Maniac

I Am Not Your Perfect Mexican Daughter

Sassafras Julia is the black sheep of her family; self-absorbed, with big dreams of being a well-traveled, childless writer, she doesn’t understand why her parents crossed the border to be sated by poverty. The exact opposite of her older sister Olga, selfless, obedient and content to stay home until becoming a mother. Olga never questions their parents choices, honoring them by helping around the house, going to church on Saturday nights and contributing financially. When Olga, who serves as the diffuser of household contention, dies, it emphasizes the chasms between the remaining members of the Reyes family.

Julia, spotting a sobbing stranger at the funeral, rummages through her sister’s belongings only to discover Olga isn’t as perfect as she appeared. Making it her mission to find out what her sister was hiding, Julia ends up finding out a lot more about herself. The themes of this book include: classism, access to opportunity, family secrets, intergenerational and cross-cultural understanding, immigration, The American Dream, mental health and identity. Author Erika L. S├únchez’s voice enthralls from page one. Delighted that America Ferrera will be directing this movie for Netflix. Worth the read. Will you be watching the movie, reading the book, or both? Via: Fiction Matters

NYC LEGALIZED Recreational Pot

Dreams come true, it can happen to you! New York City has legalized recreational weed for those of us 21+, unfortunately those who are underage still out cyeah in the trenches. Hey it’s not all bad, knowing how to spot the DT’s at whatever smoke location you’re using is a great skill set to have, it keeps you aware of your surroundings, keeps you sharp and teaches you to run like hell (no slacking). I on the other hand, earned this moment, remaining a devout smoker while others quit to be an “adult.” Finally I can walk by cop dogs without fear of being pulled to the side and having my weed confiscated.

Recreational weed is allowed to be puff, puff, passed wherever cigarettes are smoked and can’t be in excess of three ounces. Glory be, what amazing news during the month of 4/20! Happy toking folks. Via: Tree Femme Collective

Andrea Nguyen: Elders On Fire

And we’re still on Stop Asian Hate. These attacks are atrocious, how does one attack an elderly person and look themselves in the mirror the next day? As stated before these trash people don’t even know the different ethnicities of the Asian community. A lot of celebrities who pulled their eyes back are awful silent too. Always enough time to be messy, racist and attention seeking, but never are about anything of substance. They aren’t sorry about what they did, just about getting caught and it shows. Do your part stand up for what’s right. Can you think of a celebrity who fits the description above? I can think of two, hints: one has a sister who dressed as a racist for Halloween, copies the black aesthetic and fixes her filler lips to call someone a nappy headed hoe. Popstars posing as rockstars to justify their outlandish antics. The other is one of two “supermodel” sisters, both have been racist, but look at their social circles it’s the same satanic, racists (Uncle Tom’s too) who work in an industry with a coven that does the same. They’re all so sorry, yet all rally behind and stand up for their kind. I guess unless it’s forced for image sake you can let your true colors show. Artist: AndreaLikes. To

Everyday Essential Beverages

My every day drinking essentials for surviving this thing called adulthood. God bless coffee and wine. Two cups a day keeps a cranky bitch at bay. Both sophisticated complex drinks. Their origins and care before reaching your tastebuds is incredibly important. I use to love sugary coffee and sweet wine, my palette matured, now I prefer dark roast and dry wine thanks. How do you like your drinks? Artist: Cartoons By Hilary

Happy Birthday Diana, Steven & Chaka

Yesterday your life was in shambles. Caught up at the wrong place, at the wrong time after helping someone out the cops mistook you for a criminal, the real killer fled the scene upon your arrival. Months, that’s how long they’ve been in pursuit of the culprit. At the precinct you plead your innocence, but no one believes you and you’re looking at 25 to life.

By way of miracle the guilty party is captured, you don’t know how or when, you don’t care either, you’re free after a frantic 24 hours. All the things you once took for granted are blessings, you’re fired up and want to celebrate your reversal of fortune. Diana Ross, Steven Tyler and Chaka Khan are all throwing a party on the same exact night, it’s their birthday week (HAPPY BIRTHDAY), each of them in the prime of their hedonistic behavior. You can only attend one and you really, really wanna do it up, who’s birthday are you going to? Via: Getty Images, Ian Dickson & Len DeLessio

Happy Birthday Aretha & Sir Elton

Two legends one birthday. Thank you both for being multifaceted stars who’ve shaped the world in your sonic greatness. Both have the ability to read a bitch too and don’t you forget it. What are your favorite hits by these award winning icons? Via: Reh Music & Terry O Neil