Stella Maxwell My Most Annoying Guest

Easily the most annoying person I’ve ever served, all it took was one time. Stella Maxwell is annoying af. She came to Miss Lily’s with a large party. In all black attire, two mini pigtails and the rest of her hair loose. It took precisely 2 interactions for her to earn this title.

Interaction one: I’m in the front parlaying with the hostess, I forget regarding what. She comes over and ask if I had a cigarette, I said no, pointing her to the deli a block up. In front of said deli a group of guys were smoking.
“Or you could bum one from those people, if you don’t want to buy a pack.”
“I don’t want a pack just one. Can you just like do it for me, or come with me,” she asked in an annoying, whinny voice. She kept nagging me. Bitch I’m on the clock, the fuck I look like walking over for you, or with you to get a cigarette? It takes one person, but she claimed she was “like too freaked out to go.” From the way she was looking at me, trying to get me alone, I asked the hostess if she thought Stella was into girls. Of course my co-worker had no idea who she was (they wondered why I got special treatment, get a clue kid). Now, while I knew who she was I didn’t keep up with her affairs. After our encounter I learned she dated Kristen Stewart, nosey, I needed to confirm my inkling and Googled her.
I had other tables and left her there. Girl, the world doesn’t revolve around you. I’m about my paper. Everything about her irked me, I hate repeating myself, after five minutes of back and forth, move on.

Interaction two: Stella and her party split the check so tacky on multiple cards, and some money. I can’t remember if Cristian Siriano was with her, but they tipped like shit after doing all that. Stella and her nagging “No just do it like this, can you just do it this way. It’s not that hard…” how about you put it on one, or two cards, or half cash the rest on card. Rather than the seven cards (each a different amount) and crumbled bills, Venmo each other. Classless. Rude. Rejected.

This is why when Jordan Barrett used her to try to make me feel a way, I thought him a joke. Like one, you’re self-absorbed, you don’t know how I feel about her. You just assume my standards are the same as everyone else’s. Gorgeous girl, but not much else. Second you both want to bone me, so you look stupid again. Just typical entitled, vain, self-centered, childish in a bad way white people. Like it wasn’t about how they appeared to me, I’m just a by product to their desires. Y’all not the vibe. FYI bitches love me, like literally they fall in love with me. SO dear big face, small brained Georgia May Jagger, that’s mad of your friends, the ugly bitch who tried to kill you (Melanie deformed Hamrick, the reason you’re going to jail), and your father who want to fuck me. Can’t touch this. Everyday you look dumber and you’ve aided me in taking them out. Loser. Via: Puss Puss Magazine

Your Body Stores Your Trauma

Trauma, negativity, all of it gets stored in your physical and energetic (chakras, aura, soul) body. Pay attention to where you store the most tension, for me it’s my neck, shoulders, lower back and hamstrings. I also get very locked up in my sacral and root chakra. The PTSD episodes and flashbacks aren’t as often as they were since removing my ex.

Yin yoga is a good way to release pent up negativity. This was my introduction to the practice I can’t believe how open, flexible, free my body is since getting into it. I’ll warn you Boho Beautiful is really intense, practice makes perfect though, the more you do it, the better you get. What’s stored in your body? Why? How do you release it? Via: Insight.Corner

Living Proof To Leave Your Comfort Zone

Take the risk and leave, let the universe catch you, co-creating your path. Staying in the same place, stagnant, is a sure way to go nowhere. I’ve lived so very many lives. I remember working at Blue Smoke/Jazz Standard, promising myself I wouldn’t be one of those people who stayed for years and years. It’s easy to get complacent when the health care is phenomenal, the money is good, the people become a pseudo family, but I’m from here so I didn’t need that. I noticed rather quickly it was the family aspect keeping people from evolving. In the same time they stayed there for years more (when I reached four, I knew it was time to go), I worked in different places, including a restaurant where our regulars were celebrities. I’m forever thankful to myself for doing so. It led me on all sorts of adventures, added to how major I am. All of those people came here to make it big, but part of that means changing, which they were too afraid to do. Marrying each other, making a job their world. Thanks to leaving, taking a chance, aligning my actions with my goals, I met Mick Jagger (formerly my favorite day of life). Now I’m going to be all the things everyone there dreamed of, wealthy, famous, free.

You owe yourself a chance in this one life to shoot for the moon and land in the stars. Comfort zones kill. If you’re in the same place you were a year ago and you’re still unhappy, take the risk, LEAVE. The world is large, waiting for you to take charge of your destiny. Are you going to stay where you are? Via: Powers Of Book

Melanie Hamrick Proves Young Doesn’t Mean Beautiful

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the ugliest of them all? Melanie deformed face Hamrick, that’s why she stalked both L’Wren Scott and Mick Jagger, black magicked murdered L’Wren with her coven, selling their souls to the devil and raped Mick, producing a murder rape baby. Between his psychopathy and her mental illness, he would have been a serial killer, no wonder he doesn’t live long. I said it once, I’ll say it again he’d never even look at Melanie, nor choose her over L’Wren. Melanie only looks good standing next to an old man, same with Sally Stubby Wood. When next to real beauties, no matter how old, they look like what they are, ugly and average.

Jerry Hall is a senior ass citizen, senior citizen and she’s prettier than Melanie. Melanie isn’t photogenic, look at her face? How? How Sway, does one even look like that? Because her eyes have gross circles underneath, her nostril is missing a piece, the other side has extra skin and topping it off is her lopsided chin. She couldn’t even make a career with an international legend, because beauty rules and Melanie who is also talentless, doesn’t have it. If she did she’d be on endless magazine covers, sponsoring things, have different suitors without black magic and rape, be a star. Instead she’s a parasite who makes money off child support, on a baby he doesn’t want, or he’d have gotten custody like I told him. This is why he helped in a felony and hate crime, this is why he’s going to jail.

Please note from the independent article Mick was happy, never suffering a health issue until Melanie black magicked him. Just like Hailey Bieber (read: Selena Gomez Is L’Wren Scott). Seems to be a side effect of taking away someone’s freewill. I digress.

Georgia May Jagger is an idiot, big face, small brain, probably the dumbest of all his kids. When she posted this, adding to the evidence I have on her psychopath pedo family, I was there in four minutes commenting. Why? Because I knew she would give me the evidence I needed, I set this whole thing up, everything is falling into place. She solidified her incarceration and her mothers.

Mick likes dumb women he can control, Jerry Hall is an idiot, so his kids are idiots too. Georgia May came through as expected. This is their karma, the Jagger line will perish, my family will rise. Melanie has set me up for wealth, all of them are going to jail: Mick, Jerry, Rupert Murdoch, Jade, Lizzy, Lucas, Sally, Ronnie Wood, Chris Evans, Alvin Bragg, Aleksandra Ciric, Luciana Giminez, Michael Giufree, Detective Gustavo Paul, Jesse Williams. You can’t do whatever you want without consequences, it always comes back multiplied. The devil always comes to collect and their time is up. Nothing will stop me from pressing charges. I’ll get the money anyways, but making them criminals is up to me. I’m ecstatic to do so. This is where they’ll meet eternal flames. You abused, enslaved, committed a hate crime, tortured, aided in a felony, disrespected the dead and living who saved you, stole from, stalked and harassed a goddess. Also queen of witches by blood. Which is why you’re powerless and fate has come. Enjoy your time. Told you he was bisexual, he also did heroin. Dating and dumping him was the best decision I’ve ever made. The one who got away. I’ll send you guys pictures of my gorgeous family in jail on your final days. Love and light. I was never joking and I’m happier than ever. Melanie was my blessing in disguise, an ugly, ugly, disguise. Via: Georgia May Jagger & Independent

The Moon During Your Birth

I was born on a waning gibbous moon, just like Dame Elizabeth Taylor, who also shares the same sun sign, moon sign, and birthday as me (read: Dame Elizabeth Taylor And I…). This blog pretty much confirms what they said about me. A teacher, but also the perpetual student, as we all should be. Never stop learning.

Calculate your chart here: Remember astrology isn’t just about your sun sign. It’s about so much more, as you’ll see, it’s unique to you. That’s why time is so important, the planets shift every three hours into different houses I believe. You’re unique upon coming out of the womb. Which moon phase were you born under? Via: Wicca Academy

Meeting Tremaine Emory

Serge Becker introduced me to a lot of people personally, including the iconic Maripol (read: Serving Looks, Serving Maripol) and Supreme’s creative director Tremaine Emory (then they’d sit in my section for me to serve them). Tremaine, Serge, and someone I can’t remember, came for dinner. When Serge introduced him I had NO idea who he was, or what he did. Tremaine was polite, jovial and instantly took a liking to me, complimenting my look. Perceptual, it was my style and swagger that made him guess I’m a native New Yorker.
“You from here aren’t you?”
“Yeah, how did you know?”
“I could just tell. I’m a native too.”
“Ahhh that’s rare nowadays,” I replied.
“Yeah it is. Where’d you grow up?”
“The Upper East Side.”
“Oh wow. I’m from Jamaica Queens. You’ve been there before?”
“Yeah, to go to the airport.”
“Never to hang out?,” he asked.
“No, I mean…what would I really be doing over there, if I’m not going to the airport? It’s mad far and there’s not much to do…” I trailed off. Looking back I see why Serge wore a nervous expression, I kind of dissed where Tremaine came from. However my tone and candor sent Tremaine roaring with laughter.
“You right,” he said genuinely doubled over, laughing from his gut. Taking his cue the rest of them followed suit, myself included. Real talk there’s nothing going on in Jamaica Queens, for me to travel hours to hang out in a known ghetto. Like what…

Throughout the night he carried on conversation. He spoke to me as if I known him. I think he, like Serge, was happy that the greatness of New York’s old school, art, socialite, rock n’ roll, hip hop, cool kids, didn’t go extinct due to gentrification. The luminaries, the visionaries, that make this place great, are still being churned out, passing on the culture.
I found out Tremaine is major af during the pandemic, upon seeing him appear in photos with all these people. He left a great tip (unlike some), and I’m honored to have met him. Thank you for calling Kanye the coon out. He is gone, no longer a black leader, or idol, but a soulless vessel. He sold his to the devil, after joining that racist coven (Kardashian Jenner’s, Kekel Kardashian was real). He’s a completely different person now. May we mourn what was, while I destroy what is. Via: Eyes Mag

Skin Sinners Repent!

Guilty of one thing and one thing only, not washing my makeup brushes. I use to do it religiously, but I fell off a little bit. I also don’t wear that much makeup, certainly not as much as I use to. I’m officially going to end this bad habit! Starting today! Um actually tomorrow, I have to buy new cleaner at Sephora…totally lost mine. Furthermore I can’t stress the importance of NOT TOUCHING YOUR FACE, unless your hands are washed. Lauren habitually screamed at me for years, “STOP TOUCHING YOUR FACE, STOP TOUCHING YOUR FACE,” pulling my hand away each time. Not only did it make me aware of how often my dirty hands were clogging my pores, it gave me a complex. On some Pavlov’s dog type shit, I hear her voice, moving back when others attempt to touch my face as well. I mean you touch this, you touch that, you hold the subway rail, all that seeping into my pores? I’ll pass. Thank you Lauren, a lesson learned forever. Are you a skin sinner? Via: SkinCareGem

Selena Gomez Is L’Wren Scott

Hailey, Hailey, Hailey, so full of shit she’s starting to believe her own lies. First off Scooter Braun prevented Justin Bieber from being deported through this marriage, let’s not pretend it love. How did they get there? Hailey like Melanie Hamrick used black magic to make it so. This is why he didn’t sign a prenup. Hailey is just as obsessed with Selena Gomez as Melanie ugly Hamrick is with L’wren Scott. Both deals involved children, I’ll leave Justin to wonder. Her coven, the Kardashian Jenner West family helped. Melanie’s murder rape baby is on his death bed, while Hailey’s is altogether a different deal. Mick Jagger and Justin Bieber both started having health problems after being black magicked into relationships. I suppose it’s one of the side effects.

Selena like L’wren is successful and talented, Emmy nominated, Grammy’s, successful businesses, her and Justin would have been a true power couple. Justin wanted to marry her, she turned him down, thanks to Hailey and her deal with the devil. Death doesn’t have to be involved for a soul exchange. No one keeps talking about it except you. And I’m afraid Selena is too kind, you deserve every bad word spoken about you. You racist demonic troll. You are pretty which is why your career skyrocketed, but not supermodel pretty with that squat neck. Gigi, Kendall (also used black magic and surgery, cause with that nose and acne riddled structureless face supermodel where?) and Bella were miles ahead, you needed Justin to catch up. Melanie is too ugly for her career to go anywhere, even with a legend, but Hailey isn’t.

I can’t wait to expose you. Your troll accounts. Your racism. Your deal with the devil, because taking away anyone’s freewill is indeed that. I’m going to annihilate the Biebers. Poor Justin, lost the love of his life due to his black magic wife. Can you hear me cackling hoe? You soon will. Via: Entertainment Tonight

Ways To Age Gracefully

Every Sunday we put on an Aztec mask, composed of clay, apple cider vinegar, and warm water. It’s one of my favorite beauty routines, stripping my face of all that needs exfoliating, while tightening my pores. You’re only suppose to do it once a week, that’s how strong it is. Leaves my face soft and glowing.

While we’re on the subject, here are some ways to care for your skin. Decrease alcohol should be up there in addition to quit smoking. My skin looks a million times better now, than it did when I was consuming copious amounts of drinks, drugs, and inhaling cigarettes. Yeah I was using SPF face lotion everyday, but you are what you ingest. If you’re polluting your body it’ll show in your skin. Think about it, serious drug addicts always sacrifice their skin, pores, blemishes, just a mess in mugshots spanning the years.
I also cut out fast food, sometimes it’s a bummer, when the scent of McDonald’s fries wafts through the air, and you can just taste it. If I eat it I’ll get sick though, that’s how much my lifestyle change affects my body. Can’t stomach crappy food. Not Dollar Pizza, Cup O’ Noodle (urgh), ramen noodles with my own broth (it’s the noodles guys, they’re practically made of plastic, I miss it), greasy take out from cheap hole in the walls, Burger King, none of it.

In summary, I can always tell by someone’s skin when they drink too much, like the collagen thins. Take care of the skin you’re in, aging doesn’t have to be scary. Sleep well, drink more water. Although I haven’t tried all these, I’m ecstatic about having options. Which will you add to your routine? Via: Plastiq Mango & TheDallas Esthetician

The Elusive Anna Wintour

“Anna Wintour lives next door you know,” Kelsey, the big haired, big breasted, stout cashier informed me.
“Shut. Up. You’re lying!” I replied astounded. The Anna Wintour, of Vogue Magazine, the first and last word in fashion.
“Yeah, I’ve seen her a few times and she always just stares at me disapprovingly. I feel so self-conscious every time I see her, she always looks me up and down frowning.”
Noted, my level of anxiety skyrocketing at the prospect of being on the receiving end of a fashion don’t. She’s notorious for her unyielding critics, but I hadn’t figured it transferred off glossy print pages to pedestrians. The Devil Wears Prada scene where Meryl Streep drags Anne Hathaway (over a cerulean sweater) was a real moment for Kelsey, a look saying it all. The scars remain, heard in her intonation as she told the story.

The first time I saw Anna Wintour I was heading over to Melvin’s Cafe from the main restaurant, Miss Lily’s. There she was standing on the sidewalk as I walked in her direction. Wearing a white floral dress and signature shades. Rocking one dangling gold double triangular earring, a maroon skirt with slits on both sides, and a sleeveless black and white vertical striped shirt, that buttoned downed to tie at the bottom, a gold necklace, that had pendulum shaped pieces hanging, I freak out internally. Upon seeing me she moves back in surprise. It was a wordless exchange, her face conveying shock. Not only because she approved of my look, from bantu knots to heeled booties, but that I worked at such an establishment. Unable to control my facial expressions my eyes widen with joy. A sign of the future friendship I always imagined.
Pulling the door to enter Melvin’s, I take one last look in case I never get the chance again. A man exits his vehicle, handing her a package. Taking it, she enters her townhouse.
“OMG,” I screech seeing Kelsey behind the juice bar counter, “I just saw Anna Wintour!”
“You did? Told you. Did she give you a disgusted look?”
“NO! She liked my outfit!!”
“Oh, wow,” Kelsey says disheartened. In all fairness Kelsey in her Hawaiian shirts, loose fitting clothes and plain face made no effort, which is part of why she was relegated to the cafe as a cashier. She didn’t have the look, sexy, colorful, skimpy, to be a server at Miss Lily’s; the hierarchy was real. Despite not seeing eye to eye, the owners and Anna agreed on Kelsey’s ranking.

I’m in a rush. Although my tardiness had no consequences, I hate being even close to late. However, I ran out of eyeliner as I was about to start my second lid! Meaning I had to make a pitstop at CVS, where the line was too damn long. It’s the dead of winter, the sidewalks are runways with room for only one person to walk at a time. A strip of dry pavement is exposed, both sides covered by frozen, mounted snow and garbage. Lo and behold, as I’m about to traverse this obstacle course, Anna Wintour is pacing back and forth at the end of this makeshift runway. As if breaking in these over the thigh, leather, heeled boots weren’t enough, I have to walk for Anna without busting my ass. Not only would I be humiliated, I’d have to walk pass her afterwards.
Pairing another floral dress with a white jacket, cellphone to ear, shades on, Anna senses me and what does she do? She fucking stops to judge. Standing at the almost end of this runway, she faces me. Glaring. My heart literally seizes, then pounds against my ribcage. Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy? Only. Fucking. Me. Thanking God for throwing on my oversized Chloé sunglasses on a sunless day (had she seen my uneven eye makeup I’d be mortified), I walk, having no choice.
Balmain fur over a red dress that connects in the front, with a cutout back and sides, I catwalk for her eyes only. She stares. Starts to smile. Catches herself. Goes back to stoic. Then as a gesture of her approval, she makes room for me to get by, sans stepping on piled snow. Had I failed she would not have done so. This is a moment I’ll cherish forever. An actual highlight of my life, unlike some, I didn’t have to pay a million bucks for Anna’s validation (hi Kanye).

Halloween 2019. I finally left the apartment Genc Jakupi setup to have me spied on. I hated everyone there, especially lying, delusional, talentless Mallory, the girl I sublet from. His former The Box employee. Mallory who got us temporarily evicted, spending our rent money on a music video she made for Youtube. Had I not gotten word, we would have come home to locked doors the next day. She owed $5000. I made it so we could take what we needed while the issue was resolved. I digress.
Celebrating the thinning veil, Nani and I are dressed up. She’s an angel and I’m Dominque Deveraux. A wig, a skin tight, cream dress, backless, braless, a crossed string drawing attention to my spine. Walking down the street I see a woman dressed as Anna.
“Yes bitch, you’re Anna Wintour! You look major honey, major down to the bob. Work bitch, workkkkkk, yasss. You nailed it!”
The woman laughs, gripping my arm and tells me, “You look beautiful, absolutely beautiful,” she squeezes my arm while appraising me.
“See Anna I told you going out would be fun,” a scantily clad brunette says emerging from their shared cab, a blonde lady following behind her.
“Wait what! OMG you’re actually Anna Wintour!!! Omg stop!!!! I can’t!”
My eyes are bulging in pure disbelief. She’s literally wearing a bobbed wig, dressed up as herself. The color two fractions lighter than her own, her attire a dress and a dark caramel coat. She touches me a few more times, laughing her ass off before entering Indochine. Third times a charm, we were meant to be.

So I thought. Now I realize she tokenizes us, or is she just evil? Meeting her in person, meeting her standards, then seeing her allow the gutter rats known as the Kardashian Jenner West family to lower her standards. A family built on sex tapes, black magic, lies, an empire made of cards, no talent, no style, Kanye paid for her to care. To hear and experience her racism…there’s a great chasm between the two and I’m trying to fill the void.
Wasn’t L’wren Scott your friend? Why were you aiding big faced, small brained, ungrateful, mediocre, jail and hell bound Georgia May Jagger?
All I know is it’ll be handled accordingly. I’ll love those moments forever, then again I adored all the people who are now enemies. Via: Miss Lily’s