Melanie Hamrick Has No Suitors

Let’s talk about the fact that I was right. Melanie Hamrick isn’t pretty, which is why she’s the only one who hasn’t been linked to another powerful suitor. What happened I thought you were the pretty top ballerina? Better than L’Wren Scott? The love of Mick Jaggers life? You’re a weirdo, you grew up a weirdo, because beauty is power and you’re not beautiful. NEVER have been. That’s why she black magicked, murdered and raped, forcing a baby, forcing herself onto someone who would NEVER choose her, nor look at her twice. That’s why you write your own articles, about deals you weren’t offered, her job is collecting child support as a former BACKGROUND dancer at ABT, never the star. A book about sex? You aren’t sexy and probably had three partners in the entirety of your life (one was a rape), and can’t even get another relevant man without dark magic. A JOKE. You don’t have ballet talent, which you’ve done all your life and think we want a book. As a writer she needs a ghost writer, your statuses and captions are lame, like you. And as for Mick’s kids? Idiotic, white trash, who with their games ruined the lives of many. Hands down the stupidest family I’ve ever encountered and the grossest, an embarrassment of soulless, talentless, evil, entitled, brats.

But back to Melanie, had you a brain, or eyes, you’d see she incriminated herself, which is why she couldn’t sue me for defamation. Instead she committed perjury, desperate to cover up her crime. She went TWICE with lies to the police (does the count as two counts of perjury?) and is STILL stalking me, the way she did Mick & L’Wren. As if being deformed wasn’t bad enough, she’s mentally unstable, yet smarter than Mick’s kids. All of them CLOWNS.

Mick would never pick her over L’Wren Scott, who should have let his kids die shouldn’t have saved his kids last June (look how they treat people who help them), Noor Afallah, who’s hot AF, nor me. She inherits nothing, nor does her murder rape baby. What a loser. Life ruined, because even with an icon she’s too ugly to be relevant. And still, more than anyone, she’ll miss me most in prison, where she belongs. Tomorrow I’ll be posting yet ANOTHER troll account she’s stalking me on. As for Sally Wood…I’m trying to be respectful to Ronnie Wood, but NEVER liked her, I saw her follow list being people who racially profiled me and played her like a fiddle. That’s why Jo Wood came first in my article, she’s a real one. I grimaced having to give her accolades after things Catherine Montgomery’s experiences confirmed for me, like ignoring her then getting another fan backstage (she’s still a fan of Sally, I never was). But I’m not gonna go in on Sally (let’s see how it plays out first), her character screamed duplicitous, so I used it against her. Patti Hansen is the only major bitch in the building. An icon on her own, like all of Keith Richards major loves: independent, crazy, strong, legendary, gorgeous. Mick’s children are why I view their mothers differently, a disgrace. People I literally idolized and idealized. I, like everyone else, inhaled: Patti, Bianca Jagger, Anita Pallenberg, Jerry Hall, Marianne Faithful, Jo Wood, and Marsha Hunt growing up. Those are women who taught me a thing or two, and more. Despite what Mick thinks, the legendary women (everything they worked for ruined due to their offspring), are essential to the bands vibe (style, attitude, BEAUTY, personality…all things Melanie lacks). Which is why I told him to apologize to them. Look how deformed, lame, loser, Melanie ruined everything for everyone.

Next time you play chess, but you were really playing checkers, make sure it’s not with a goddess. Which I’ve proven myself to be. So are you stupid…or living in delusion, or both? Via: Viral Pop Culture

Somewhere In Between Figured Out & No Idea

Life is…complicated, far more so than you’re ever taught in school, or by your parents. It’s fine to be a hot ass mess, figured out, or somewhere in between. When you think about it we’re all in the middle if you’re doing it right. Why? Because you’re an imperfect human, a work in progress, always evolving. Unless you’re stagnant, stuck, clinging to your trauma. Which are you? Creator: Its Nata

RIP Gilbert Gottfried

The voice of my childhood and many others. The legendary comedian passed away a few days ago. His unique voice and expressive face are forever iconic. My favorite role of his was Mr. Beetle in Thumbelina. Love this movie and his scene was my favorite. He played Thumbelina odeeeeeeee at the Beetle Ball. An underrated soundtrack to a film that added high expectations for true love. Also note this film was the first to say “What are those?” What’s your favorite work of his? Via: Miz Hollywood

Melanie Hamrick Inherits NOTHING

Let’s talk about the fact that Mick Jagger was literally going to die, let his kids show up to the will reading, and find out they weren’t getting a cent. He doesn’t want the murder rape baby, he never did, as his freewill was taken, his lover murdered, and him raped. Mick’s kids are terrible, disgusting, entitled, lazy, stupid, vile, trashy people. They deserve what he gave as his final wish. All you had to do was respect him, you can’t even do the easiest job. You chose a deformed face, unattractive, lying, murderer rapist, who planned on murdering you, over your parents. I say parents because the mothers will be joining them. You raised this, I blame you. Over your own kids, they will now be joining you. I might let Bianca Jagger and Marsha Hunt free, jury’s still out.

Melanie Hamrick and her murder rape baby aren’t getting a DIME of inheritance, not like they’ll be around long, the devils come to collect. She ruined her life, perjury is a felony, that’s before I even do the murder trial. She is going to pay my attorney fees, hers, my defamation lawsuit, be exposed and incarcerated. KARMA.

How many people dragged to hell and careers ruined, because of his kids games?

No wonder he wanted babies with me, his current kids are awful, evil and money hungry. L’Wren Scott should never have saved them. Now Mick as his karma will not be having kids with me, and have to take custody since Melanie committed a felony. That’s what he gets. We are finished. Now he’s lost the one person who always had his back. Protected him. I’m so happy to start my life without him and his baggage. He has until Tuesday 5pm to give me my money, or I’m suing him. I’ve been kind enough, times up. Now as I walk away, he realizes I truly loved him. He will watch me start a family with another, while his falls apart. I’ve given him enough understanding and time. Karma always comes multiplied. Be a good person.

An Adult Sweet Sixteen

Honestly, I’m just happy my outfit aged chicly. I was fifteen, attending a sweet sixteen, for someone I’ve known since seven. Her mom rented out the entirety of Madame X in Soho. I was wasted upon arrival, I was wasted upon exiting the premises. They sure did serve us courtesy of yellow dresses mom. It’s so funny, I look at these pictures and see ethnicity. Others just see my lone brown face. Showing people childhood photos their commentary typically run along the lines of, there’s a lot of white people. I’m grateful for their commentary, once upon a time I too lived in a bubble, one I’m happy burst. Now I can help bring equity and equality having left a cosseted facade. I wasn’t on yayo yet, having attended my caliber of middle school (all of us in the photo are East Side Middle School alumni), I wanted to keep my purity just a bit longer. Correction, I wasn’t on it that night…at least I waited til high school, okay. All I remember is the taxi ride down there. Judge people by their experiences, not your stupidity, prejudice and racism. I always ask people about their lives having grown up with diversity. Do you?

Congratulations Justice Jackson

Representation matters. Making sure it’s an accurate depiction, not a caricature created from the white imagination, is essential. What a historical day. Intersectional feminism wins. Congratulations Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson. Please stop acting like black women don’t have common sense, compassion and haven’t been saving everyone since forever. She’s overqualified, but who did you rush in prior? Do you think she called and said we did it Joe? Via: Green Peace USA & Minority Millennials

Why Mick Jaggers Kids Are Mad

Because I finally sent them the proof that Lucas inherits everything. I was suppose to as well, but I can’t tolerate the nature of our relationship. I need romance, true love, cheesy stuff. He said besides Lucas Jagger, his kids have the ability to betray him. Lucas is the only one he trust, he’s doesn’t think the rest are good people. I will always side with Mick Jagger over his kids, therefore Lucas and Luciana Giminez can go free. The rest of them will replace them in hell. Guess being daddy’s favorite child does pay off. Lucas inherits everything, the rest of them are just filler. Which is mortifying for Jerry Hall, the mistresses lovechild over your family and decades of your life. Tough. After I put Melanie Hamrick in jail and get my money back, NONE of this will be my problem anymore. Talk about toxic family. Dodging a bullet for sure.

Happy Birthday Anita Pallenberg

So ahead of her time. A feminist icon. The only one considered a member, because she could hang with the boys. They would be nothing without her, which is why she’s the Queen. I would not be me if not for this binary boundary breaking, full package queen. The ultimate. Changing the bands styles, means she changed the worlds. Also a sexual revolutionary. So smart it’s dangerous. Just an epic woman. Happy birthday always. Via: 60sDreamz

Alvin Braggs Isn’t Competent

Not only am I suing, but I WILL be launching an investigation into Alvin Braggs. Between Trumps investigation and this one, he screams Uncle Tom, corruption, funny business. Everything happens for a reason and as a goddess I’m gonna be on that ass. Him, The Legal Aid Society (I didn’t get a lawyer, because I didn’t need one, now I am and Melanie will have to pay for it as the losing, lying, party), & Detective Gustavo are on my to do list. Thanks for handing me money. I’ve wanted retribution from my first wrongful arrest in 2013. There is no excuse for their behavior, except they thought I was a dumb nigger, or a mammy, despite “investigating” me. Looks like careers are over. I saw Detective Gustavo’s name on many papers, how many other investigations have you botched with misconduct? I’ll find out and you will pay for it all. Something is…off…I feel it in my bones. Let this be an example, anyone who aligns with Melanie Hamrick is hell bound and doomed. I don’t even think the detective can afford a lawsuit. Welp. Next time DO YOUR JOB. Melanie committed perjury, that’s a felony, the detective and district attorneys office failed to disclose exculpatory evidence (despite subpoenaing my account and my public documentation of her stalking me). She went back and you still failed to do your due diligence, AFTER I told you what was going on. No, no, no, this will not do. I hate stupidity and corruption. That’s why I don’t like Rupert Murdoch, because something tells me he has everything to do with the Trump investigation being canned. I’ll find out one way, or another. I always do. Even if he gave me the moon I wouldn’t save him from hell and who did he marry? What have I said about that dingbat family (besides I shouldn’t have saved their lives)? Time to clean house. Via: City And State NY

Melanie Hamrick Still Trying To Be Lwren Scott

I want you guys to understand how ahead I am, with my abilities to see into the future and play chess. That I’m a goddess. Melanie Hamrick, nobody knows how to get her to show her true colors better than moi. Character is everything and hers is one of mental instability, obsession and wanting to wear L’Wren Scott’s skin. Same dress, different color, same poses, tacky imitation of her necklace. Look at that chin, YIKES! As you can see in row three I circled the date I screenshot this picture of Ronnie (who has no problem touching L’Wren), L’Wren and Sally. Almost two months ago. February 6th 2022, you know why? Because Melanie’s nature is to copy anything and everything Lwren Scott is doing. Her obsession with Lwren and myself, as she reacts to everything I say about her publicly, further incriminating herself, is why she’s going to jail. I can see into the future as demonstrated, upon my expecting this picture.

Do notice Melanie lies in the caption with the Woods of her self written article, stating she was a principal dancer. After I called out how she isn’t and never will be a star.

Because she’s a liar. Above are the roles Melanie played at ABT. Harlot, Swan, a nobody. Meanwhile Misty Copeland is the cover of the same production she played a flower girl in. As you can see her time is up, everything she does makes her fate worse. Gives me more evidence. Melanie is a murderer, rapist, stalker, deformed face, liar, satanist, outcast, weirdo trying to be Lwren Scott and forcing herself on Mick Jagger. PS I do have proof of her committing a hate crime on her Veeeefr troll account. The charges keep coming. Clink clink. Via: Daily Mail Uk, Page Six, CTV News, and Misty Copeland.