The Origins Of Gynecology

If you think I’m going to take my foot of your fucking necks, you’re not thinking. This is how gynecology was created, by some inbred savage. Traces of it still remain in the medical field, with black women having higher death rates during birthing. You racists hicks and the Uncle Tom’s that help them uphold the institution of racism are scum. Below scum. I’m here to clean it up. You deserve everything that’s coming. Trust me I’m not nice and you’re lucky this is happening during this time period. If these were days of old, I’d make you wish for hell with what I’d do to you before you got there.
This is the history Ron Desantis tries to hide. This is why he along with his line will burn. Idagf who you are, a Goddess and Queen Witch has entered the chat. Ps I’m black like Jesus. Enjoy your time, Athena. Via: The 1619 Project

A Face Mask For Everyone

Okay I use to get this blueberry açaí face mask from Trader Joe’s and it was great. Out of nowhere they stopped selling it, leaving me an essential product down. I used it three times a week, along with my Aztec clay mask and sea salt exfoliator. Now more than ever I need it, because my face is healing from breaking out due to increased cortisol levels from a stressful job. It’d be quicker with the aforementioned aid.
Well after some research, I found a replacement. In a few days time I’ll be able to give a recommendation. Granted from the reviews it’s a sure deal. Very excited!! I love beauty products, beauty is power. The better you look, the better you feel. Exuding confidence can open many doors.
Feel good in the skin you’re in. Above is a guide to help you do so.
Self-care is health care, pamper yourself. Via: Skin Care Gem

Happy Birthday Queen Z

On this day 27 years ago a queen was born. Happy birthday to the beautiful, intelligent, talented, triple threat Zendaya. I can’t believe you’re so young, what a wise soul.
I chose this shoot, because it displays your versatility and strength. May you have a blessed year. What’s your favorite Zendaya moment or work? Via: Elle USA

Melanie Hamrick Obsessed With L’wren Scott

Raggedy Anne aka Melanie deformed face Hamrick, keeps going. Before I post her ugly ass trying to copy me, let’s go back to her still trying to be L’wren Scott. Melanie thinks if she’s L’wren, or me, Mick Jagger– her rape victim, will love her. You sold your soul to the devil to still be an unattractive, mentally unstable loser. You can’t be us, because we’re beautiful, chosen by Mick. You however, used black magic to rape an old man, murder his lover, and force a murder rape baby on him. For his fortune, fame, and to use blood magic on Mick for your bidding.
He played you again, putting sexy, gorgeous me on the Diamond Hackney album cover. You aren’t Stones material, that’s why you forced your way in. Yet Keith Richards, Charlie Watts, nor Patti Hansen affiliate with you, or your murder rape baby (read People Who Don’t Like Melanie Hamrick). For the first time in history Keith doesn’t hangout with Mick and his “chick.” Yet they’ve vacationed with the Woods. You aren’t Glimmer Twins approved. This is why Mick wouldn’t let me go, because I know him best and he’s vain.

The only reason he pretended through this was to distract everyone from their legal drama and to spite me. On my main account Itsjqboo, I pointed out how miserable he was at the airport with her. Despite his best endeavors, he still slipped up. Body language people, him and L’wren are enmeshed, while he doesn’t even have his arm around Melanie in the above pictures. It’s in his pocket. Mick will do anything not to have custody of that murder rape baby, because he doesn’t want him and never wanted her. I asked him to get custody so we, Mick & I, would raise him, but he didn’t want to. Imagine having to pay your rapist, especially when she’s an ugly, mentally unstable parasite, who contributes nothing to your legacy (like those idiot kids), except ruining it. She gave me the idea to jail everyone. He can only tolerate that boy in doses.
He also made it clear he didn’t propose to you (read Good Riddance Mick Jagger and Melanie Hamrick’s Criminal Directory). She purchased that ring, like she did that house, then paid to have those stories published. Also to even out her deformed features she makes the eyeliner on one side of her face longer than the other. She creeps me out. The red dress. The same nail color. You’re vile.

Mick would never pick you, that’s why you tried to have my evidence removed. You’re below plain, that’s why you don’t have any other powerful male connections, or suitors like the rest of us. You’re an unattractive, talentless, uncool, no style, no body, nobody joke. Enjoy your time, the devil always comes to collect and he’s come for you and those aligned clown. Don’t ever think there’s competition, you’re a black magic rapist murderer. I’m a gorgeous goddess. Via: Daily Mail

Rolling Stones Women De-Evolution

The Rolling Stones went from having the most beautiful, stylish, cool, influential women, to nobody bitches, who need to brush their hair and only look good standing next to old men.
Nobody wants to be, or bone Sally Stubby Wood and Melanie uggo Hamrick- the stalker, murderer, rapist. I was their redemption. I feel bad leaving Patti Hansen by herself, the only bad bitch they have now. What a fucking fall from grace. From Marianne Faithfull & Anita Pallenberg to this? Two raggedy Anne Karen’s? I’m doing them a favor by calling it, before they embarrass themselves any further. Where’s the lie? Via: W Magazine & Daily Mail

Kendall Jenner Is A Stalker Troll

Stalking and harassment is a criminal charge, unfortunately for everyone I’ve been documenting everything. I’m not new to this, I’m true to this. For three years (see power of 3, a universal ruleeee), I’ve gathered receipts on Hollywood’s biggest names committing hate crimes against me. In part an endeavor to force me into the Illuminati. The occult shit is real, mistakes were made. For example, although I’m a Goddess, bred on the Upper East Side, they underestimated me due to gender and race. A black woman couldn’t possibly be powerful, divinity be damned she’s a nigger. Upbringing be damned she’s black, and I’m Rupert Murdoch, I’m Mick Jagger, I’m Kendall Jenner.
Just like her sister Kylie Jenner (read Kylie Jenner Gets Meg Thee Stallion), Kendall got inspo from my Facebook Late Night Jam. On January 14th of this year I posted Titi Me Pregunto by Bad Bunny. Just like Kylie, a little over a month later she’s seen with Bad Bunny.

Below you’ll find they were first connected February 20th, when they started dating, thanks to my referencing him once. Fucking creepy, but they have a history of racism: copying black people, stealing from black people, not giving black people credit, savior complex, plantation type breeding for business, disrespecting black people etc… Even going as far as making troll accounts to convey their true feelings.
You’ll find Kendall under troll account PuzzyClipz, where I found her arguing with people over a Vogue post. Blasting off that she’s basic and Vogue on the Kardashian Jenner payroll. No lies were told. My intervening angered Kendall to the point of revelation. Provoked, she referenced my relationship with Mick Jagger within 42 seconds of my @-ing her.

“@itsjqboo not the masters side chick talking 💀”

Kendall said this on October 12th 2020. I didn’t mention my dating Mick publicly until June (21st I think) of 2021 (on my main account, discovering Melanie murdered L’Wren Scott). This was Hollywood insider information only. She calls him master as in slave master, because he’s a white British male (also he’s racist, which she knew). The side chick references Melanie Ugly Hamrick paying publications to post stories of their love heating up during quarantine, when he was dating me. Also as stated in Noor Alfallah Vs. Melanie Hamrick, Melanie accepts his dating other people, because she’s ugly and has no choice. No one else is interested, Mick was raped, then forced with a murder rape baby. Otherwise he would never look at her. Read Melanie Hamrick The Rapist and Melanie Hamrick’s Criminal Directory.

There’s so much more where this came from. My lawyer hasn’t received a fraction of what I have. Reposting this on my main account ( itsjqboo) is why Devin Booker dumped her. Peep the timeline. I’m saving it for another article.
My what a web we weave when you owe Satan your soul and deceive. You will always reap what you sow. The Devil always comes to collect. Don’t fuck with a Goddess. Xoxo Athena. Via: Bad Bunny HR, Jaquana Cornelius & Us Weekly

Kylie Jenner Gets Meg Thee Stallion

A lot of y’all aren’t curious enough, lazy when your lives and souls depend on it. All the evidence is there, if you bothered to do the work. Merely keep up with what I’m saying. I posted Stalli by Meg Thee Stallion as a Late Night Jam, something I’ve been doing so long I use to be the only hashtag on FB. This post was on June 11th 2020. About a month later Kylie Jenner decided to hang out with her, as they’ve been stalking and harassing me for years. Side note: proof of them knowing about this blog is on my main insta account, Itsjqboo. Pinned is Khloe Kardashian liking a post I created praising her. It’s also here, Why The Kardashian Jenner West Drama Started.

Below you’ll find what happened, after Torey Lanez and Meg Thee Stallion left Kylie’s house, to the present moment.
Photo 1: Torey shoots Meg after they exit Kylie’s weird jacuzzi party.
Photo 2-3: Kylie Jenner post her own foot the very next day.
Photo 4: After Torey is sentenced to ten years for shooting Meg, remorseless Kylie throws shade by showing support for Torey.

That’s because Meg was a satanic sacrifice gone awry (read Why Kim, Kanye & Kylie Dress Demonic and The Richest Kardashian Jenners…). Torey is adamant he didn’t shoot Meg Thee Stallion, because of whatever satanic shit Kylie did to him. At first I couldn’t tell if he was in on it, now I know he wasn’t. Just a pawn in an evil white woman’s game. Even looking at the scene of them on the street is insane, him spread out like that, her half naked, screaming. Mind you I told Meg prior to watch her energy, ask her. Two black lives ruined reputation wise and Kylie walks away unscathed.

Kylie was jealous of Megan’s friendship with Jordyn Woods, when I posted about her talent it sent Kylie over the edge with envy. Making me feel personally responsible for this incident. Which is why Meg got the justice she deserved, while you guys invalidated a black woman. Like you did me- a Goddess, like you did Nene Leakes for Bethenny Frankel. Despite the legal system concurring. What does that say about you? Nothing good, that’s why I’m going to make you pay for disrespecting the people you evolved from. I don’t play that Uncle Tom shit, and I’m the only divine in this bitch, so What’s.Up?

She worshipped Jordyn and only stopped being friends with her due to Khloe Kardashian’s delusions. As a former fan watching Life With Kylie, it was all her and Woods 24/7, irking her family. They clearly didn’t like that Woods was her priority over them, in a friendship that seemed far more intimate than that. Girlfriends much? Getting married, talking about living on a farm together, the sexual tension in the car, when Kylie tells Jordyn not to put space between them. A wedge caused by the appearance of Kris Jenner and them. They were so rude to Jordyn on that show. Made crazier by the fact that her fake billionaire status was exposed after ditching Jordyn, her blessing, with her family being the block.

Oh there’s much more to come. They way I documented this satanic coven stalking, harassing, and copying me is wild. They purposely try to drag people I love to hell, at one point checking my follow list daily. The universe has given the green light to share, I’ll be doing exactly that later today. This too started with a Late Night Jam. Actually all their most recent relationships can be tied back to me. I’ll show you. The devil always comes to collect. Xoxo Athena. Via: Meg Thee Stallion insta, Jaquana Cornelius, The Sun, UK Times & Jordyn Woods

Alvin Bragg Has Malicious Intent

The fact that Alvin Bragg believes his victims, innocent people of color he’s paid to convict, are going to sign plea deals is very telling. It certifies that he intends to cause the wrongly prosecuted duress via mental anguish. Going back and forth to court, hearing these trumped up charges, criminal records, stalling, in order to torment the accused into ending the entire ordeal, by any means necessary. Sign the plea and it’s over. Something he doesn’t do to our white counterparts, as he believes them intellectually superior to us colored people, that they would not fall for such a ruse. Illegal, immoral, unethical.
Alvin Bragg when pursuing actor Jonathan Majors, in an effort to ruin his life, career, and adding another black person into the plantation prison system, simply forgot about me. Such is his inferior intellect. He forgot he let Melanie Raggedy Anne Hamrick do the same thing to me; a white woman lying on yet another black person, under Uncle Tom’s watch.

I sent Majors lawyer, Priya Chaundry, all my evidence; last minute I sent her Mick Jagger texting me two hours before that couple made up Rat Soup. I’ll be sharing that in a separate article. Bragg and Jagger both orchestrated that Gammeeok lie, which is why it got so much media attention. That’s where I worked.
I used my case to get Bragg to indict Donald Trump and Rat Soup was his payback. Proving the lengths Bragg would go through to incarcerate the innocent. That’s why he went from having multiple domestic violence accusers against Majors, to needing more time to gather evidence. Mind you he swore up and down Majors did this. Cause I fucked his shit up.
Gee you fat fool, did you think I wouldn’t submit evidence of you letting a white woman lie on me, also resulting in a restraining order? The false evidence she submitted committing perjury? My case getting dismissed when said evidence was submitted to a judge, because I didn’t sign the plea deal. Read: Melanie Hamrick’s Criminal Directory.
Bragg has a history of racial profiling. Black people, stereotyping the Asian community, arresting Jose Alba for defending himself, yet needing protest to arrest Daniel Penny. A white a man who wasn’t under attacked, but killed a black man.

Below you’ll find one Rachel Pauley, being the judge for Majors. The same judge who granted Melanie the rapist Hamrick a restraining order. Mind you it was false evidence.

I’m wondering if the judge needs to be investigated as well? This is clearly an organized system of crime and racism.
Rupert Murdoch and Jerry Hall, were common denominators between my case and Trump’s. Bragg was not going to charge Trump originally, until I called him out on racketeering. Since Murdoch and Hall told Melanie he could be paid. That’s when Bragg decided to indict him. Murdoch clearly doesn’t feel bad, as he’s the one who published Melanie deformed Hamrick’s ghost written book. That article is coming.
Times up you demonic hoes. The devil always comes to collect. T you will pay what owe. Enjoy your time. Xoxo Athena and Queen of Witches. Via: CBS News, Time, CNN & Jaquana Cornelius

People Who Don’t Like Melanie Hamrick

Please don’t call yourself a fan, or even intelligent and not notice the reality of relationships. Keith Richards and Patti Hansen don’t fuck with Melanie ugly ass Hamrick. Neither did Charlie Watts, nor her murder rape baby. Fake ass fans. Unlike Ronnie and Sally Wood, the Richards aren’t Mick Jagger’s slaves. Nobody tells Keith Richards what to do, which is why he is the most rock n roll ever. My style icon, the man I got almost everything from, possibly my biggest influence, down to attitude. Mick got confused and thought I was bimbo Jerry Hall, or one of his clan.
Actually come to think of it, Keith only fucks with Mick when it’s about work. No birthdays, no hanging out, nothing. Probably because that bitch Brenda is a psychopath monster, who literally didn’t give af that Charlie Watts died- asking me to give him money for his funeral. Ensuring he had full financial control to enslave me. Brenda also destroyed their life’s work for an ugly bitch, who raped him for money and murdered L’wren Scott. Let me guess, you’re crying you decrepit hotdog faced bitch, because Keith isn’t going to help you? He’s not gonna pose with some deformed faced girl to help you abuse me, after I saved your lives. Cover up a murder. Boost your ego. Cause you could have just gotten custody like I said, but instead you’re going to lose everything and go to prison. Pedophile scum. That’s why Charlie was helping me. That’s why Keith isn’t going to jail.

Notice picture three, Keith hanging out with Mick’s grandson, no such pictures with the murder rape baby.
The following pictures are Charlie and Patti with L’wren, things they’ve never done with Melanie the rapist parasite. This is probably one of the only times Richards hasn’t hung out with Mick and his chick. Because Melanie isn’t Stones material. She’s weird, ugly, deformed, a stalker, murderer, rapist, talentless, has no self-respect, a loser all her life, and mentally unstable. She fits right into that psychopath family.

After not speaking to him for a year, getting my energy back, not watching his videos, or listening to his music, seeing how disgusting he is (trying to get me to accept his abuse and pedophilia like the others)- I want him to die in prison. He can’t get or keep pretty girls anymore, because he’s vile. Thinks the sun and moon revolve around him. Disrespected the dead and a Goddess. Now I’m going to teach you a lesson you can’t afford to pay. You are going to be a nobody just like Melanie, what they remember you for will make you wish for death. I’m going to take everything from you.
Birds of a feather, she’s ugly and now you’re ugly. Beauty is power, you’re finished.
Don’t want to be a good human? Give me my money? Thank L’wren Scott for saving you? Drag more people to hell? Abuse women? Then I’m going to give you back what you gave thee, by ten, not three, so mote it be. Athena and Queen witch, you’re gonna learn your place boy. Via: Fashionista6373, Best_Pics_Of_ Stones & Getty Images

Final Cast List: Real Housewives Of Atlanta



Girl carrying tray.

Nene Leakes is an icon, don’t you forget it. Her memes, taglines, iconic phrases and facial expressions, her personality, beefs, storylines, and forays into areas beyond Housewives are timeless. Cynthia Bailey’s years as a housewife are like her modeling career, lackluster. Was it really modeling? It’s giving mid-tier commercial sweetie.
There are levels to this and you aren’t on Nene’s. You aren’t a pillar of the franchise, but you’re definitely an Uncle Tom. Bravo’s reboot needs to work, because thanks to Garcelle, Crystal & Sutton (pretty much everyone minus Dorit Kemsley), Beverly Hills is going to need it. The evidence is chef’s kiss. Shame. Shame. Shame. Nothing can justify your actions, but you got the right oneeeeeeeee. Via: MogulMagUk, Reality Chat & The Peach Report