Happy L’Wren Scott Day

Again wait until I post the full story next month to use these receipts. In honor of Melanie Hamrick’s birthday, this is now L’wren Scott Day. Again Mick and I have been dating for almost a year, there was no house purchased on her behalf. ALL HER STORIES ARE FAKE. She pays them to run stories she writes herself.

My gifts are a blessing and a curse. You didn’t see L’wren’s final moments, I did. When in a trance she took her life, when her soul fought to get back into her body, confused, distraught, weeping, realizing she could not comeback. When she floated over loved ones on her way out. She did not want to go.

Like I said the women Mick go for are well connected, well dressed, beautiful and have a star quality. Where between Melanie and her sister, Rachel, do you see any of those attributes? Neither come from money, neither were known before coming up off Mick Jagger, neither of them were principal ballerina, both of them have uneven faces. Youth alone is NOT enough to sway Mick Jagger, who can get younger and prettier. Via: Lwren Scott Archives

Pulling Up To Harry Potter…

With the squad, ready to scrutinize everything, EVERYTHING. Fuming over Daniel Radcliffe’s blue ass eyes (not green) and misplaced scar. Fix it Jesus! When’s the last time you did this? Were you pleasantly surprised, or disappointed? Via: Trippy Book Chic

A Taste Of Part One

Where the story begins. I worked at Miss Lily’s in 2015 and Genc Jakupi is one of the owners. As a private person I was forced to make my social media public, because he was spreading lies about me. I never dated this man. I never spoke to this man beyond a few sentences. Yet he’s stalked me up until March of this year: breaking into my social media accounts, getting his friends and family to lie, breaking into my email, setting me up in an apartment to be watched, sending people to my work place, including Vashtie and preventing me from getting jobs amongst other things.

In 2016 I met Michael there, we made eye contact and I ran away, the runner in our twin flame connection. I never felt anything like that before. It scared me. And yet after complaining about Genc for years no one did anything to stop him, except for Mick. After a solid five years of him using his millions to stalk me, then my friend, causing ptsd. I am grateful Mick put up with all of my distress and finally got this psycho to leave me alone. This is just a teaser, a taste of part one, which will include Naomi Campbell and Jordan Barrett. As the story builds more and more celebrities get involved. Are you ready for one of the craziest stories in Hollywood and of your life? Via: Black Book Mag

Happy Birthday 50

A New York classic. Happy birthday to the man who defined the entirety of my high school experience. Legit the way we repped 50 and G-Unit, the way we bumped their music, the way we dirty danced to Disco Inferno and more. Thank you for the memories, a legend…also when were you handing out those loans? P.S 21 Questions is one of the best intros STILL (RIP Nate Dogg). What’s your favorite 50 creation? Via: 50 Cent Daily

Make A Dance Addison Rae…

But just like your culture vulture friends, the Kardashian’s, you can’t. This is why I only use Facebook and Instagram, Tik Tok is problematic and stupid.

You guys (Kartrashians) try to jack my swag, yet have the nerve to fix those filler lips to call my boyfriend a slave master. Someone who has credited the black community and donated to causes before it was a movement to save your image. Right Alexa Chung? When I called them out on your wall for disrespecting him it was funny, but your basic British ass has NO problem using his kids to get backstage. Just like the rest of your social climbing user clique. You want pictures with legends and clout. You’re so rock n’ roll, yet none of you even know what it means.


You guys want to act like black people are beneath you, but we create everything and built this country, we are the origins of humanity. Either respect us, or stop stealing our shit, because I’m not having it. The only subhumans are the ones who exhibit this savage behavior and those who are complicit. Can you name other examples of appropriation and non credit to black people? Via: Impact

Happy Birthday Lady Di, Missy & Debbie

Three legends one birthday. Happy birthday Princess Diana, Missy Elliot and Debbie Harry. These ladies have shaped the culture in different ways, but have one thing in common, iconic STYLE. Which one gives your favorite aesthetics? Via:90ss Classy, Dwight Marshall and Jimmy De Sana

A Reluctant Star

Twelve. That’s how old I was when I signed my first autograph. Walking to Blair’s house on a humid summer day for our usual activities, blast classic rock music and peruse her mother’s closet of designer gowns. Never worn, once upon a time we looked at the tags and gasped, now we play a game.
Oscar De La Renta. Guess how much?”
Always round.
“Four thousand!” I yell.
“Wrong, six!”
We’re competitive.
“Okay my turn. Yves Saint Laurent?”
I watch as she compares houses in her head, both of us too naive to factor in the other variables that dictate value.
“Seven thousand!”
“Wrong, ten!” I gawked. Every week the collection expanded.
“What!” Blair, blond and sure of her estimate, saw for herself. The Doors play filling up gaps of silence.

He tore a piece of looseleaf from a spiral notebook, despite my protest that no I wasn’t a Disney star, or a child star, or a star of any sort.
“You’re going to be famous one day,” I scrawl my government as he insist. “I’m the first person to have your autograph, I’m going to save this, it’s going to be worth lots of money someday.”
Pleased he walks in the opposite direction, towards third, his forest green cap with ear flaps covering his brown curls. He was hispanic and at least 10 years older than me and three inches shorter. What a nut. I went on my way, long limbed and determined to conquer the avenues.

Twelve years later my shift at Blue Smoke ends. Thank the lord. Everyone is gagging, RuPaul is here and the staff is going wild. Unable to find him I make my way out of the Jazz Club. “You look great,” stunned I make eye contact with the legend.
“Thanks,” I reply, secretly wondering if he was on that stuff. I look disgusting, having not changed out of my work clothes post strenuous shift. We walk side by side, it’s familiar and telepathic. Lorelei, dark haired and pale skinned, stops us begging Ru for a photo.
“You come too,” he plucks the shoulder of my leopard print jacket.
“I always love a star.”
Originally in the middle, he rearranges us so he stands only next to me.

Flattered is an understatement, but I’m no star. At least I never wanted to be. Successful, yes, famous, no thanks. All those people in your business, expecting something I wasn’t willing to give. Yet, still it was told to me everywhere. The more I attempted to shrink myself, the more I stood out.

A reluctant star, that’s what I am. Such is my fate. And now it’s time to face it full on, so I’ll use it to better the world. How do you feel about fame? Via: Getty Images

People On The Web Are Fronting

Seriously, in the past year (longer actually) dealing with Hollyweird, I’ve learned most people on the web are fronting. It’s smoke and mirrors, so just focus on yourself. More than likely you’re comparing yourself to something that isn’t even real. Are you someone who needs to hear this? In what ways does the internet affect your self worth? Artist: Courtney Sonner Design