Shira On Stacey Abrams

“It is embarrassing to be a white woman. We owe black women a debt of gratitude that we have in no way earned. I’m so fucking disgusted.” -Shira Gregory

I am honored to have multicultural friends, who genuinely see beyond their oppression benefits and know right from wrong. As usual a black woman saves the day, thank you. And I am definitely one to say I told you so, but keep letting the problematics hang in the culture, keep supporting them. What are you really about? Where is your integrity? For social media clout and to hang with people who under the right circumstances would hang you? Photo: The Color Vision

This Is Actually Paris

Paris Hilton is a white supremacist bully, better suited by Hitler’s side in the Third Reich. Completing her Aryan allegiance by covering her brown eyes with blue lenses, the way he prefers it. A former fan, I admired her rockstar persona of not giving a fuck, only to find it was really white entitlement. Unlike her protégé Kim, she stayed in her lane and didn’t appropriate the bodies of black women, which was appreciated. The two however are alike in their pernicious, fame hungry, famous for doing nothing, attention seeking antics, amongst other things.

After calling out the Kardashian-Jenner West klans unsolicited bullying, she doubled down on this behavior by siding with someone she shit talked for years. Kim was the help who massaged her feet and when she finally rose above, Paris commented that her ass looked like cottage cheese in a trash bag. Desperately wanting not to be forgotten, she couldn’t beat her, so she joined her.

After that toxic bitch got involved in my business, because she’s a lonely, miserable, immoral thing, I noticed the comments of her being a racist and homophobe under her This Is Paris documentary photos. I’d never heard such a thing, but my mystery solving ass (all those damn Nancy Drew books) needed answers. So I Googled it. Turns out the reason I never knew was due to her people scrubbing the internet. Still, remnants remained.

Nobody was safe not Jewish people, not black people, not gay people, not the women sexually assaulted by Trump (who she accused of seeking attention), nobody.

The fact that she covered her tracks, rather than modifying her behavior is a testament to how nefarious she is. She’s dedicated to her white is right beliefs. Bet she voted for Trump again, because “he’s a nice man.”

Here are some links (I screenshot the articles just in case) displaying her true nature. A grown woman, masquerading as an ally to all people, a victim with trust issues so deep she seeks solace in animals. Here’s a thought, you get what you give; that’s why you attract toxicity, because you’re a horrible person. Via: Allure Magazine

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History of racism:
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Kim Kardashian & Paris Hilton Both Problematic:

De-Conditioning: I Am Not Your Mammy

Nor your punching bag. Many people treat black women as such, the theme of 2020 is pointing it out. It’s either entitled males who believe subconsciously, or consciously that I am property, so they can meddle in my life.

It’s been women, particularly white women, believing I am lesser; that I deserved to be bullied, or told to move on.

Then there are the women of color, who see themselves this way and think I should be equally enslaved, because they weren’t outliers of systemic racism through their environment.

Take a real good look at these photos, then a look at yourself. I am not your mammy, or the help, they didn’t deserve to be either. And yet still you take from us, trying to make us masculine when our aesthetic is the standard of beauty that’s been appropriated. Check yourself, before I check you, because I will gladly do it in honor of my ancestors. How often do you think from a black woman’s point of view? Do you disrespect black women, because you want to feel better than someone else based on social constructs? Are you a self loathing black person?Via: Girl Gone Golden

Don’t Invalidate Feelings:

Ciara’s Bobbed Miracle

It’s only fitting I tell this story since today is Ciara’s birthday. The night she delivered a miracle on 14th (between 7th and 8th avenue) street, for three black women.

We were on the list, but as per colored people time we got there late. Usually I got to events early, because Derek nagged and nagged for us to be there on time. Calling incessantly hours prior to ensure promptness. However on this occasion, he had to fly out to Cali for a business trip with an editor. Left to our own devices Mari, Lauren and I were screwed. When we arrived at Up & Down, a hotspot in New York City, the crowd was massive, all of them lying that they were on the list. It got so unruly the only way to get inside was to have someone come out to claim you, like puppies in the shop window hoping to find a home. At the time, before everything went south, we were OBSESSED with Kylie Jenner. Absolutely adored her; after being dubbed the ugly one, ridiculed for years, she’d finally come into her own as the coolest of the klan. We admired the underdog to king come up. Yes some women actually support other women and mean it. Galore magazine was having a party in honor of her cover.

No amount of discussion would convince the bouncers to even check the list, they loved the power. We watched as random people walked up, inquire about the event, then claim to be on the list. What the fuck? We refused to be clumped in with these liars, but more than anything we were determined. I pulled my friends away from the masses and gave a football coach winning the game worthy speech, before leading us in prayer.

“This isn’t fair, we are actually on this list. We did not come all this way to be like these people, who had no idea what this was until now! We are going to meet Kylie Jenner so help me god. Let’s hold hands and pray, then go to the bar next door to think.”

We did just that, I don’t remember what we said, but our intentions were clear.

Breaking the circle we walked into the pub next door, I was dressed way too cute to turn back now. As I sipped my cranberry vodka, my friends dejectedly waited for their beverages. They talked about how messed up this was, while I noted how empty our surroundings were, sipping from my skinny red straw. Being nosey pays, because in walks in two large bodyguards, with a bobbed figure wearing sunglasses between them. OMG CIARA!

“That’s Ciara!” I screeched, my friends completely missed the sighting. The public was going crazy that she’d recently cut her long tresses, as well as impressed by how major she looked. I jumped from my bar stool and followed her exact route. Other celebrities arrived through the front, she wanted to be obscure and enter through a…SECRET PATH!

I found what I sought. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I was standing behind The Weekend as he performed. A lady with strawberry blonde hair popped out of the bathroom, asking if I needed help. I told her I got mixed up and raced back upstairs. Telling my friends what I discovered.

While Lauren and I went outside trying to charm the guard at the side door, who informed us earlier the second way to get in was to know the password, Mari went to the bathroom. Next thing we knew she appeared behind homeboy.

“Stop playing guys let’s go,” without further ado he let us in. Our mouths literally dropped open in disbelief. Mari waited until the performance was over and simply entered through the secret passageway. The only person who contributed nothing to our adventure was Lauren.

We couldn’t believe it, god heard our prayers! Thank you Ciara and happy birthday; you solidified that miracles happen, once in a while when you believe. Via: Actor Cordae Omari

Happy Birthday Bill Wyman

Happy belated birthday to Bill Wyman (it was yesterday), who taught me how to be apathetic af. Not everything deserves ones energy. The oldest Stone did whatever he wanted, no matter what people thought. He even gave it all up for a normal life. Just an iconic badass. Via: Rolling Stones Brasil

Ouija: Not A Game Tho

Posting this gives me the chills. I have never heard a good story about Ouija boards and as a witch it gives me a bad, bad, bad feeling. First off these can and have ruined lives, this is a portal to the spirit realm and not all the spirits that appear are good. These are also hard to get rid of, I’ve heard real life accounts of people throwing them away only to find it back in their homes. Someone told me the only way to do it is to wrap it in red gift paper, then dispose of it. Why I don’t know? Others say you have to break it into seven pieces and bury it. What I do know is never break that glass, or burn it. If you do choose to risk it all, here are some cohesive rules when playing with fire like NEVER play alone, don’t let the demon escape and say goodbye properly!


Have you ever played? Have you heard tales of terror? Via: This Witch Drinks Coffee

Weeks Late But Necessary

The only people who have a claim to this country, yet somehow are ignored while their allotted land is being taken away from them. Fuck Columbus. When’s the last time you immersed yourself in Native American affairs? Name three Native American contemporary public figures.Via: Berry Bomb Bloggery