Mood: Chillin Like A Villain

I’m revived! Sprightly after being utterly exhausted. Better than ever baby. I went out to dinner, ended up at Hudson Yards, not Hudson street, because I read my friends text message wrong, picked up shit for my cat Jagger, then had to stay up to get a new acrylic set and pedicure. A dire situation.
It’s better to go early, fatigued, then later for hours; since Saturday’s are busy af in the afternoon/evening at a good nail salon. Long story short, it wasn’t enough time for a sleep deprived bitch. I’ll tell ya kids, they aren’t kidding when they say hitting your thirties sleep is priority. Some days I live to fucking sleep. Health is wealth and sleep is an integral part in that, especially as you age. All caught up now. Relaxed, high, wined and wined. Overall a great weekend indeed, cheers. Artist: St.AfterCigs