Heart Shaped Glasses Aesthetic

Three babes, one look.

Who rocked the heart shaped sunglasses best?

Via: Luigi Cazzaniga, Boogie Nights & 70s Sunset Strip

Supermodel 101: Donyale Luna

The first black woman on the cover of Vogue. The first black supermodel period. Donyale Luna’s lithe body, otherworldly looks and style, were enough to make Salvador Dali declare her Nefertiti reincarnated. Always a muse she starred in Andy Warhol factory videos and Fellini films. Ever the socialite she lived the rockstar lifestyle. Despite appearing with Mick Jagger (above) she was actually hooking up with Brian Jones. Would have died to attend the Rock n Roll Circus. This gorgeous big-eyed, regal faced babe succumbed to drugs, which led to the demise of her career and untimely death. A true queen and pioneer. Which Donyale are you right now? Photos: Roberto Roccchi, Richard Avedon & Vogue Magazine.

Sydney Harper

Truly don’t know how this face isn’t plastered everywhere. Sydney Harper is absolutely gorgeous. If Donyale Luna and Sharon Tate had a baby, this would be it. Strong jaw, chiseled cheeks, with those dazzling, upturned hazel eyes. A face that can pull off almost any hairstyle, or look. First class beaut. Which look is your favorite? Photos: Sydney Harpers Insta