What’s Your Mindset: Fixed Or Growth?

Fixed mindsets belong to the people who say “Well that’s just how I am.” Those people tend to be deeply unhappy and stagnant in multiple areas of life. Grow, grow, grow, get out of your comfort zone, push yourself, risk something, evolve. I promise you it will take you on adventures of a lifetime. You only live once don’t end up on your deathbed teeming with regret.
Typically I don’t jive with fixed mindsets their myopic views irritate me, endeavoring to bring me down to their level instead of rising up to meet the challenge. Which are you? How does it correlate to your joy and mental wellness? Want to break the cycle, try learning a new skill. Via: The Mind Supply

Material Suffering Is A Blessing

All the cards keep telling me use your abilities, but love made me weak and I’ve tried to forgive more after my friend’s death. Life is too short. Now I’m angry and that’s the last thing anyone wants, it gives me fire. It’s when I make the most happen. Being nice isn’t working I’m going to get everyone who crossed me, everyone. I’ve been told I’m a bad witch numerous times (as in learning), the power of that is by blood, hereditary. Now I’ve been taking it more seriously. 11/11 is a most sacred day so I won’t be posting. You bitches better run, but I’ll find you. Nothing motivates me more than justice and revenge, just wait. Via: Divine Serpent Fire

Allowed To Cut You Off

Don’t get offended, give people the same freedom and space you would like. Sometimes you trigger things in them and they can’t deal. Respect their decision the way you want yours respected. How do you handle being cut off? Via: Tarunvmishra

God Bless And Good Riddance

Seriously. I use to think people leaving was sad as I’ve gotten older those feelings changed. I feel bad for people who are stuck. I will never forget this experience as being one where I’m grateful for people to EXIT my life. God bless and good riddance. Am I right? Via:_Inspiration On The Daily

Eternal Flame By Fernando Gomez

Wow. Everything really happens for a reason. Lesson learned and excited for this cycle to end. Writing is cathartic, when it’s out of your head and down on paper you can see the patterns. I literally sat here recounting all the relationships in the past few years that’ve taken the SAME overall turns to destruction, out of nowhere. I thank God for looking out for me, synchronizing my life, or I would never have suspected my stepdad. From the psychic who stopped me on the street to tell me he’d lit black candles, to this. There’s just NO WAY the same events happen with different people each and every single time. Same with career, but after recounting childhood in that article how could I be that blind. I mean duh bitch, wake up. Now everything down to last Thanksgiving makes sense.

Without introspection, the need to be a better person by reflecting on my role in repeating toxicity in order to take ownership and accountability, I’d never see it. Just stunned. Good always wins over evil, justice will always be served. Take the most destructive area of your life. Create four columns (see below). Find the pattern, apply the lesson and open to abundance. Via: Trunk Archive & Starseedps

Person Or SituationHow It StartedHow It Ended My Role (actions/reactions)

Saint Twenty’s Introspection Chart

Things True Love Will Never Do

It’s the things they’d NEVER do that shows you if their love is true. I know God will send me my real twin and they won’t kick me when I’m down, or add drama to my trauma, or be fine with hurting me. I hope they come soon. Once upon time I wouldn’t be able to tell the difference. He just can’t be my twin, he just can’t I don’t care what the cards say, or what we can do. People can be in love with you, but not love you.

Via: Spiritual _Awakening _Magic

Keep Going It Will All Pass

Despite the eternal drama the cards tell me this is a blessing in disguise; God has a plan and it’s all happening for a higher purpose. I can’t wait until it’s over, this is a life I was forced into to defend myself against false narratives. This is a good reminder to keep going it will all pass, justice will be served. Via: The Cute Feminist

You Are Here Alive

Life is short, make sure you value the things that matter.
Money is a social construct that only has meaning due to people, because people matter.

Love transcends death, money doesn’t.
Treat people how YOU want to be treated. Then treat them how they treat you.

In our one experience incarnated as these unique beings, everyone deserves happiness and to live the way they see fit (as long as you aren’t hurting anybody).

Making others objects of your desire as their sole purpose, disrespecting their boundaries, spreading greed, misery, as opposed to kindness, to gain power is a shit way to be. Your cruelty will come back to you times three.


**Are you callous when watching injustice, or human suffering? Why? How, how do you live with yourself?

Poet: The Melody H

Mark 8:36: You Are But A Soul

For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?

The sun is setting on for so many of you. You are but a soul, everything else mean nothing. Profit and oppression over people…you will learn your place. Via: Binsgram