The Theory Of Gravity

“You can try to keep the magic away, but it won’t work, any more than it worked for Robert Hooke or Issac Newton. They both knew there was no such thing as a world without magic.

Hooke was brilliant, with his ability to think through scientific problems in three dimensions and construct instruments and experiments. But he never reached his full potential because he was fearful of the mysteries of nature.

Newton? He had the most fearless intellect I’ve ever known. Newton wasn’t afraid of what couldn’t be seen an easily explained- he embraced it all. As a historian you know that it was alchemy and his belief in invisible, powerful forces, growth and change that led him to the theory of gravity.” Photographer: Partha Nair

Think Long Term

Doing this has been the most beneficial thing ever. It encompasses so many things self-love, healing, letting go…Sounds like bullshit, but it isn’t. Trust the universe and it will deliver things beyond your wildest dreams, show you the low vibrations you need to leave behind. ALL the cards & random psychics with their tellings of success, true love, people will soon regret how they treated you, victory, you deserve better, you reveal the dark entities…has been accurate. It took some time, but it’s manifesting. Trust the colors it shows of people and when the time comes do not repaint them. Bad, shortsighted people get what they deserve in the end. Just wait and see. Think long term, be like Jeff Bezo’s. Are you trusting the universal guidance, or are you caught up in 3d illusions? Via: G88dVibrations

Great Pretenders

Where’s the lie?

Then when I tell you what to do to rectify the situation you don’t, it could all be as simple as taking accountability, saying sorry and being a better human being with good intentions. One that cares about the feelings of others. Don’t project, reflect. Your shitty karma, or fate was your doing not mine. Via: 8.46 AM

RIP Chadwick Boseman

Processing the reality of this has been heartbreaking; I feel like a wrung out rag, filled with fluid, twisted to tatters and tears. What do you say about a man whose body ate him alive from the inside, who used what energy was left from fighting, to perform for the world as he died before our eyes quietly? He didn’t make it about himself, he made it about everyone else. Never seeking pity, his terminal illness went undisclosed, even when brightening the day of other cancer patients. Chadwick worked with the intention of pure, unfiltered love, to make us proud in the present and for the future. Pushing his diseased body to give representation true to black people beyond stereotypes and caricatures; the importance of a legacy. These bodies go, but the work from the soul is immortal if you do it right.

People always covet youth, which everyone gets unmerited, but we don’t all make it to gather years. Your youth in Da 5 Bloods is eerie and hurts. Thank you Chadwick for making us proud, for being a true hero on and off screen, for allowing us to witness your divinity. You are a king and an ancestor, you are love and loved, you are light to lift this darkness. You are free. Those who die feel serenity and it is us who live with the void left behind. We love you. Rest in peace king, Wakanda forever. How will you live your life differently by his example? I won’t take a moment for granted, for none are promised. Via: Rolling Stone & Time Magazine

I Want To Turn You Off If…

  • You’re stupid
  • Hateful
  • Racist
  • Jealous
  • Take no accountability
  • Manipulative
  • Hypocritical
  • Value money over people
  • Spineless
  • A bully
  • Weak willed
  • A troll
  • Self-absorbed
  • A liar
  • Parasitic
  • An overall low vibrational human being. I’ll chuck a deuce while you kick rocks. What types of people do you want to turn off? Via: Notes From My Therapist

Too Emotional Today

Happy Birthday To The GOAT.

How many people leave here with the entire world feeling the void so deeply? Not many will. Kobe is a divine light guiding us through this purge of darkness, he is loved, he is missed and we will cherish him forever. What’s your favorite Kobeism?

Indebted To The Universe

Honestly, I have to be one of the luckiest people in the world. One of my wildest dreams, well partial, but still beyond what I’d expect has come true. That alone makes this the best summer of my life. Upon rumination this has been a momentous season, just extraordinary. The stories I’ll tell my kids. ICONIC. Thank you universe I am indebted and eternally grateful. Every time people try it I level up, I’m protected and blessed. How’s summer 2020 going for you? Via: The Sea Files

Ashes Ashes

You all fall down. My bloodline is a very powerful one, again I don’t speak for my health. I’m not even using a fraction of what I’m made of. Don’t make me repeat myself, or anger me. You get what you give energetically. Idiots who think they are going to escape karma are just that. Anyone in alignment with low vibrations is going bye bye, if you’re affiliated with Roger Chillingworth it makes my job easier. I’m just, fair and compassionate that’s why I was given this divinity. I’m put in the dark (bad people or places) to eradicate it. Is your karma good or bad? Via: Meet Life 240