Hurt: Not Deserved Or Definitive

A common trauma response is victim blaming, which goes two ways, people blame the injured party, or the victim blames themselves for being injured. This post is for the second category. You didn’t deserve what happened to you, nor does it define you. It’s not your job to carry the burden of responsibility for what a malicious being did to you, on top of dealing with the trauma endured.

This is a crucial piece to the mental health and wellness conversation! Domestic violence victims, for example, stay for this reason: if I didn’t get them angry, had I remembered my place, why didn’t I do it right the first time…with outsiders asking ignorant questions- why did you stay if it was so bad?

Because trauma rewires the brain (numbing, repressing memories, escapism, building bad habits, abusing substances). Has something similar happened to you, how did it affect your mental wellbeing?

Via: Seconds Apart & Motivation Director